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There is no doubt that getting approval on a ,000 personal loan with bad credit is not a simple thing. But it would be equally foolish to think that applications are set for failure on the grounds of having a low credit score. Thankfully, there are a handful of steps that can be taken to greatly improve approval chances.

The criteria set for any loan rests on three or four basic ideas, including age, income and citizenship. But approval for large loans is based on some other factors. For example, the need to satisfy the debt-to-income ratio, and to show that existing debt is under control. After all, all lenders want to be sure of is that the loan will be repaid in full and on time.

Still, it is always useful to help the personal loan application along as much as possible. To this end, there are a few steps to take that can make the chances of getting the green light much stronger.

A Cosigner is Gold

Large loans require a little more effort in convincing lenders their investment is safe. Getting a ,000 personal loan with bad credit for example, is helped along no end by the addition of a cosigner in the application. In fact, lenders see cosigners as gold, guaranteeing that monthly repayments will be made on time.

This fact alone makes securing approval for large loans straightforward, but there are more benefits than that. With monthly repayments assured, the risk that lenders are under is basically gone. This in turn means that the interest rate can be lowered, making the loan all the more affordable.

Of course, it is important that the cosigner meets a strict set of criteria before they are accepted. The criteria include having an excellent credit history, a large enough income to make repayments, and a low debt-to-income ratio. Then, the terms of the personal loan will be much better.

Other Forms of Collateral

Collateral is the next best thing when offering security as part of an application. The difference with a cosigner is that an item of worth is needed, so the challenge is finding something worth the value of the loan. For example, to get a ,000 personal loan with bad credit, something worth ,000 has to be provided.

Things like property or home equity shares, or personal items like jewelry or heirlooms, are commonly used as collateral. Of course, getting approval for large loans is tricky, but in many cases lenders will accept a number of items that add up to the relevant value.

But never forget the risks involved in these agreements. When a personal loan is approved with collateral involved, if the loan is defaulted upon then the borrower loses that item. In effect, the collateral means the risk transfers to the borrower, but that also means that the interest rate is reduced too - which is welcome.

Where to Get a Loan

Finding a lender that offers a good deal to those seeking ,000 personal loan with bad credit is made easier thanks to the Internet. In fact, with comparison sites the best deals can be found almost instantly, with the lowest interest rates and most accommodating repayment schedules.

Some creative borrowing might be necessary, of course, if approval for large loans is not possible. Perhaps 4 loans of ,500 is required to make up the sum.

Another option is a series of payday loans, but these personal loans are limited to ,500 and come at very high interest rates. So, this option might be too expensive. They should only be taken out in emergencies, or as a last resort.

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There is no surviving documented proof of exactly when financial checks came to be part of financial transactions. Banks were a part of commercial life in ancient civilizations, but there are no records of any of the types of transactions that they carried out. However the ancient Mesopotamians, Greeks, and the Romans used banks. Some historians have dated the process of using checks at about 350 BC.

Certainly in Medieval Italy the banks played a vital part in commercial transactions. Venice and Genoa were an important trading centers. Historical research indicated that Marco Polo brought the idea of a check back to Italy from the court of Kublai Khan in 1275. Prior to that depositors had to appear in person to give instructions for a transaction. Once written instructions were acceptable it made a wider number of transactions possible.

Medieval Tuscan banks began the process of letters of credit and letters of exchange and the by fifteenth hundreds these types of transactions were common. They allowed the Italian mercantile trade to flourish because it was safer to write a check rather than carry large amounts of cash around.

By the early Sixteenth Century the practice had expanded to the Netherlands and once the banks had accepted a policy of paying money upon written instructions, this was the start of the modern account based payments by check. The process came late to England arriving in the late eighteenth century; the English had resisted the change because of the possibility of an increase in the levels of fraud, they were frightened that bank security would be threatened by people writing out cheques to accounts that they did not own. The English called their checks "cheque", and they still use the "que" at the end of the word.

The process of adapting checks occurred very quickly in America, in the 1600's the tobacco farmers in Virginia mortgaged their land and began to utilize their funds by writing checks. The oldest surviving check dates back to an English banker Lawrence Childs and it is dated 1762. The etymology of the word is unclear some view the root source to come from a double check to clarify the signatory. However it is more likely to come from the Anglo French word eschecker which means a chessboard. The Norman Kings developed a fiscal system and all the accounting was done on a piece of cloth which was divided into squares, with counters like draughts pieces.

When checks were first adapted the transactions were more secure for the customer and the recipient who could transfer funds without actually carrying cash. Unfortunately this was not the case for the bankers who still had to travel to the banks and collect the cash. As the system grew in popularity so did the number of messengers travelling between banks. Eventually clearing houses were developed where the checks were exchanged. Historically this was supposed to have started in London when two chatting messengers realized that they were each carrying a check for the other bank and they exchanged them on the spot.

In the U.S.A. the bankers have a choice they can present checks to other banks, the Federal Reserve or private clearing houses for clearance. There is no reason to transport checks from bank to bank the clearing houses scan them and read the characters at the bottom of the check, which identifies the banks they are to be drawn against this is what is known as the routing or sort code. Then there is the individual account number at the base of the check and the number of the check. Once they have been scanned and identified they are presented to the bank electronically to draw the funds.

Until a few years ago checks were very basic as they still are in Europe, they have the banks name, the account name and number and the cheque number as well as a number identifying the bank that they are drawn against. In America theme checks are now all the rage. First of all it was embossed or copperplate lettering, then individual logos, of animals or flowers. From a small change the individualization of checks snowballed.

Nowadays the checks are not issued necessarily by the bank; it is possible to purchase checks from outside approved sources. They are printed with family photographs in some cases. They are available in a huge arrangement of themes, colors, prints and borders.

In the twenty first Century there are other methods of paying bills, by credit, debit or charge card, and this has reduced the number of checks issued, the heyday for check numbers was the sixties, but none the less it is difficult to imagine that the need for checks will cease anytime soon. Who knows the credit crunch may well increase the amount of checks written as credit becomes harder to come by.


The life of a man has become so fast and busy that he doesn't have time for his own needs even. However, it doesn't mean that he doesn't want to do something. He wants to do, but something which may take his little time. So, whenever he looks for any loan, he tries to find out any loan option which may be availed by him so quickly that he doesn't need to go for so many formalities. That is the reason that he may like to go for the payday loans without fax.

Well, the payday loans without fax are the loans which may be acquired by you without wasting your time in completing the formalities of faxing and all. Even no paperwork is involved in such kinds of loans. Therefore, the borrowers may take up such loans without any complexity. They may avail them so easily that the needs which they want to accomplish are accomplished quickly. These loans have least formalities but maximum benefits.


These loans are so much beneficial for the borrowers that they need not think a lot before applying for these loans. So, why not to have a look on the benefits of these loans? These are:

You may get these loans for a short time period. This helps you to relieve from the burden of loan repayment quickly.
These loans are issued to you very quickly. You may get these loans even within 24 hours by applying online. This mode also helps you to get easy cash without extra costs.
You are able to fulfill all your urgent cash needs through the help of such loans. The lenders won't even ask you to use the money as per their will. It is your own wish to utilize the loan amount.
You need not fulfill any faxing formality to get these loans. Not even a single paper is to be faxed to get these loans. A single online form can make a do.
No collateral is asked by the lenders while issuing these loans. This also saves much of your time and efforts while getting these loans.

Therefore, these loans are very much beneficial to all the borrowers without any faxing regulations etc.

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The level of your academic success is based on the value of your grade point average (GPA) at the end of a semester and at the end of every academic session. So, there is every need for each student to know his level of academic success by computing his GPA or CGPA (cumulative grade point average) up to date. Here is how to compute your GPA per semester and CGPA per session to enable your know your academic success.

First, you should know the credit load (weight) of each of your courses for the semester and for the session. Next, you should know the points attached to a grade in a course. Then, you calculate the total points for a course by multiplying the points attached to a grade in a course by the credit load of the course. For example, if the credit load of a course is 2 and you score a grade whose point is 4, then the total points you have for that course is 8 (that is, 2 x 4 = 8).

After computing the total points for each course, you then add together the total points of all the courses for a semester or for a session. You also sum up the total credit loads of all the courses for the semester or session. Divide the total points of the courses for the semester or session by the total credit loads for the semester or session. The result is your GPA for the semester or CGPA for the academic session.

In universities, especially new-generation universities, the following are the course grades and points attached to them:-

A => 5 points, B => 4 points, C => 3 points, D => 2 points, E => 1 point, and F => no point.

Let's assume that in the first semester, you offered 3 courses and your grades are as follows:

GST101, 2 credits, score B (4 points)

CSC201, 3 credits, score A (5 points)

MAT203, 2 credits, score C (3 points)

Then, GPA for the first semester will be calculated thus:

GST101, total points = 2 x 4 = 8

CSC201, total points = 3 x 5 = 15

MAT203, total points = 2 x 3 = 6

Total points for the semester = 8 + 15 + 6 = 29.

Total credit loads for the semester = 2 + 3 + 2 = 7.

First semester GPA = 29 / 7 = 4.143.

Let's assume that in second semester, you offered the following 4 courses;

GST102, 1 credits, score A (5 points)

CSC202, 2 credits, score A (5 points)

MAT204, 2 credits, score E (1 point)

CSC242, 4 credits, score D (2 points)

Then, GPA for the second semester will be calculated as follows:

GST102, total points = 1 x 5 = 5

CSC202, total points = 2 x 5 = 10

MAT204, total points = 2 x 1 = 2

CSC242, total points = 4 x 2 = 8

Total points for the semester = 5 + 10 + 2 + 8 = 25.

Total credit loads for the semester = 1 + 2 + 2 + 4 = 9.

Second semester GPA = 25 / 9 = 2.778.

Then, for the academic session (first semester and second semester), the total points = 29 + 25 = 54, and the total credit loads = 7 + 9 = 16.

Session CGPA = 54 / 16 = 3.375.

That is all for it. Very simple. Try it to know your level of academic success per semester and per session.

Note: Some university use different grading system, but the GPA and CGPA computations are basically the same.

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Dumbbells can be this can be the best fitness equipment, no other machine may be so convenient yet can be used as just about any muscles. In the event you own a couple dumbbells it's possible to workout all of the without resorting to any equipment (except possibly working out bench).Because of the greatness it's important that you really own moobs should you be looking to exercise at-home. Even though you possess a gym membership its going to pay back obtaining group of dumbbells for the people days when hitting the gym is much hassle you could get an excellent workout using your dumbbells!

1. Home gyms are wonderful since they give you for a longer time to get along with family members. For people who have an extra room, such as a spare bedroom, it's possible to arrange your fitness equipment and dig suitable routine. A variable dumbbell set is gong to more likely be your costliest equipment. The better ones range from 0 to 0, take up virtually nothing space allowing it to be set in a tree. There're as few as 24 inches long and 6-8 inches wide and deep. Even though you used a credit repairing repayment schedule, its less expensive than joining a gym.

It are designed into different categories providing variety of options to consumers with different tastes and preferences. Dependant upon the variety of exercise you're performing, once you are capable of getting kinds of adjustable dumbbells with specific selling prices.Power block Adjustable DumbbellsThese would be the most frequently found types are positioned with weights that range from 3 to 25 pounds and easily allows the exerciser to shift throughout the weight ranges.

VersatileJillian Michaels adjustable dumbbells also come in two sizes. My spouse a 12.5 pound set, as well as the 25 pound version. The 12.5 pound set won't only work as a nice starter looking for ladies are starting an exercising program, however can are amazing for teens that happen to be getting into fitness. If you prefer a a lot more weight, beginning with 25 pound dumbbell version are often better fit available for you.

Big Pro Rexan 5-125lbsThese are basically just as the Pro Rexan, together with the add-on weights included bring the excess weight nearly 125lb for each and every dumbbell.Things You Should Know When Choosing a Power Block Dumbbell SetKeep in mind the add-on kit (which makes your dumbbells nearly 130 lbs each) is compatible with few select models.If you don't plan on building, then an Personal and Sports Power Block will be fine for you.

However, if strength, power, and muscle is one on your goals, then look into the Power Block Elite Set or even Power Block Pro Rexan models. These models are upgradeable towards a more 125-130 lbs for each and every dumbbell if you opt for an add-on. And also hardwearing . greatest set, saving you from upgrading at a later date.Other BenefitsPatented Selector Pin Design- Power Block dumbbells have a selector pin to convert weights, very much like fat loss stack machine from a gym.

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Mother's Day is a time to show the mothers in our lives how much we love them. It doesn't need to be an expensive occasion that requires a payday advance.

In general, mothers just want to be reminded that they are loved and appreciated. Giving your time can do this just as well or even better than spending a lot of money on Mother's Day.

One way to do this is to make sure the mother in your house doesn't have to do any work around the home. Have the rest of the family work together to make meals, clean dishes, do laundry, and any other tasks that the mother usually has to do or at least share in the work. Make it an extra-special day by doing spring cleaning around the entire house so she doesn't have to worry about keeping the house clean for awhile.

Mother's Day is perhaps the busiest day of the year for restaurants, which means long wait times to go along with the added expense of eating out. You can avoid this by making the mother her favorite meal. It will especially mean a lot to her if all her children help out in any way they can.

An added bonus for the mother would be for the special meal to be breakfast in bed so she can start her special day out right.

Mothers will cherish gifts made for them by their children more than expensive flowers that last only a few weeks or perfume that they will rarely wear. Have the children gather wildflowers to make a bouquet, which can be decorated cheaply with supplies from a craft store.

Another option would be creating a photo album showing the children as they grow up. Have the children decorate the pages with their own pictures for an extra-special touch.

If all your pictures are on your computer, you could make a slideshow set to the mother's favorite sentimental song instead. This can be done with Microsoft PowerPoint or with Windows Live Photo Gallery. Many other free software can be found online for this as well.

If you prefer on getting out of the house and enjoying the spring weather, instead of going out to a restaurant, go to the park and enjoy a picnic lunch together. Also, search online for special deals being offered in your area for mothers. You may not be able to afford a full meal, but you might be able to find a free dessert the mother may enjoy on the way home from the picnic.

At the very least, the children can express their love for their mother by making Mother's Day cards for her. Make sure the children have plenty of craft supplies to express themselves in their creativity.

And if you do not live with your mother, make sure to at least call her on the special day. Cell phone and other technology makes it so easy to keep in contact over long distances on a daily basis, but you still want to make sure your mother knows you are thinking of her. She'll be happy with that, especially if she knows you're struggling with a payday advance.

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Bad credit does not mean an end to your prospects for availing a car loan. On the contrary nowadays it has become comparatively easy for getting bad credit car loans and no credit car loans. Bad credit does not mean that you not at all capable of returning the loan. In fact bad credit is just the reflection of how irregular you were at repaying the earlier loans.

When looking from the car loan lenders perspective the market is now flooded with competition and recession has broken the financial back bone of many prospective car buyers. The current recession has left to income reduction of many, increase in the basic commodity prices and increase in the applicable rate of interest on the current loans. The number of good credit car loan applicants is dwindling while that of bad credit car loan applicants is on a dramatic rise. Most of the car loan applicants nowadays have bad credit and these bad credit applicants form a large portion of the market segment of the car loan lender's market. If the car loan lender does not cater to the bad credit applicants, these applicants will approach other lenders. The car loan lender cannot afford losing any car loan applicant. Many car loan lenders have now started offering bad credit car loans and even poor credit car loans.

When availing the bad credit car loans or no credit car loans the borrower should pay special attention to the terms and conditions and especially the car loan rates. Usually the car loans for bad credit and no credit carry higher rate of interest and severe penalties for missing or being late for the monthly payments. Some of the strategies to reduce the car loan rates are hiking the advance payment, getting a good credit cosigner, submitting the proof of regular income through a stable job, or pawing the home equity or the car as the collateral and converting the car loan into a type of secured loan. Comparison and negotiations are other ways of reducing the car loan rates.

Sometimes when all the strategies fail to make the bad credit car loan or the no credit car loan affordable, the only way left for the borrower is to seek used car loans. In case of used car loan the loan amount is drastically reduced and the applicable rate of interest can be lowered by paying higher monthly payments and availing faster riddance from the car loan. In case of buying a used car the car buyer needs to take care about the condition of the engine and the formalities such as insurance and loan pending because of the first owner of the car.

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Egg solution offers the EGG photo 360 degree lens technology for real estate, tourism, photographers, car showcasing and others. With the use of the EGG photo 3600 lens Images on your portal, you can start advertising your brand on the net and improve your business. The EGG photo 360 lens is totally different from fisheye lens and panoramic lens. It offers you convenience and ease of use when compared to the other type of lenses.


EGG Photo Lens:

Optical 360 Attachment Lens
Capture Virtual Tour during Your Listing Presentation in One Shot
FREE Adaptor rings kit
Lens is compatible with numerous digital cameras
Instant Virtual Tour One shot Lens
Control and Capture your Virtual Tour

EGG Photo360 Software:

Download Your Virtual Tours from your digital Camera
Create Your Virtual Tour Listings
Burn Unlimited Virtual Tours on CD's and DVD's
Email Custom Virtual Tours Listings to Prospects and Customers
Save as a Multimedia Presentations without Plug in
No Fees / No Keys
No Plug in is required
Unlimited Virtual Tours
Auto spin Virtual Tour
No Stitching
Create a Virtual tour embedded in an executable file

Java Viewer:

The Image Control Bar allows you extra control over each image in your tour
Mac and PC Compatible
you can zoom in or out of the picture
Start and Stop Panning Scenes


Easy to use
Support many files format
Instantly generates interactive 360 images that can be viewed in your internet browser
Generate email able EGG tours
Easy process to integrate your Virtual Tours into your website
Image automatic calibration
Burn your Tours on a CD or save them on your PC
360 panoramas as easy as standard photos!
Take it everywhere
Compatible with numerous digital cameras
Ultra Light - Powerful

Package content:
Your Package contains all necessary tools to start and get your first Virtual Tour. Check below:

.EGG lens
.EGG Photo 360 Software V.2.0
.Multi-ring adapter kit
.Specially designed carrying case
.Microfiber lens cleaner
.User guide

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Reducing Interest Rates Saves Big Money

When mortgage rates fell a point or two below the current interest rate, it was a good time for refinancing your bad credit home loan. Nowadays it is a very smart move; you will save substantially with a bad credit home loan refinancing in the long run. Really, there are many considerations as you contemplate refinancing, including options such as low-cost or no-cost mortgage refinancing, as well as traditional refinancing.

Decreasing Monthly Bad Credit Home Loan Payments

If you are looking to stay on your property for a good length of time, this is a perfect move. You stand to make monthly savings by decreasing your usual bad credit home loan payments. On the other hand, if you plan to leave your home for another in the short term, you may not stand to regain any of the costs incurred by the refinancing because you will not have stayed there long enough. You need to do a break-even calculation to see if refinancing your bad credit home loan will pay off over the time you spend in the home.

Three Methods of Refinancing

Refinancing your bad credit home loan could involve one of three methods. One way would be to get a refinancing that lowers your monthly payment. Another would involve reducing the term or length of years you would hold the mortgage. The other would call for you to switch to a mortgage plan allowing you to make interest-only payments.

Applying for a Fixed Rate Mortgage

Adjustable rate mortgages (A.R.M.) may decrease monthly payments in the beginning, but market lending rates could significantly increase your monthly payments to a point that you may no longer be able to afford them. That is the risk with a bad credit home loan A.R.M. This is could be okay if you only plan to stay on the property for a short time. Though the interest rates may be a little higher, a fixed interest loan would eliminate your payments being tied to market lending rates. You would know the specific amount you would pay from month to month.

Removing Private Mortgage Insurance

There is a low down payment option for refinancing your bad credit home loan. You can move in with less than 20% down. These do require you to purchase home-buyers insurance that is designed to cover the seller should you default on the loan. After the amount of time it takes for your home value to increase, or your loan balance to decrease, you should be able to drop that expense.

Using a Balloon Program

A balloon mortgage program allows for decreasing the interest rate and the monthly payment you experience with a bad credit home loan. After five to seven years, the fixed-rate term comes to an end. If you are still on the property, the whole balance comes due to the lender. At that point, you would need to adjust to a fixed-rate or other form of home loan.

Cashing Out Home Equity When Dealing with Your Bad Credit Home Loan

Do not fail to consider the possibility of earning money through your home. If you have equity, you property could be a source of a good deal of cash. A cash-out refinancing allows you to refinance and consolidate your interest rates, and get enough cash back to pay for home improvements, or even college expenses for your youngster. This move is tax-deductible. Bad credit home loan refinancing could get you the money you need for a big expense or an unforeseen emergency.

Plenty of Refinancing Resources

You should learn plenty about your options for bad credit home loan refinancing. The Web offers many information sources, even whole websites, focused on bad credit home loan refinancing. The crux of the matter is scrutinizing your financial and housing situations to find which would work best for you.

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Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)

CCNA or Cisco Certified Network Associate authorizes one with the capability of installing, configuring, operating, and troubleshooting a medium-sized group of switched and routed networks along with the functional verification and implementation of connections for remote sites in WAN (Wide Area Network).

If an individual possesses a CCNA certification, it implies that he possesses the required skills which the professionals of networking make use of in configuring, troubleshooting and installing switched and routed computer systems and networks. They are also able to implement and manage connections for remote sites making use of the Wide Area Network. Additionally, they are outfitted with primary knowledge relating to issues of network security, networking of wireless computer and other computer skills which are based on performance.'

What basically a Cisco CCNA certification is?
CCNA is basically the entry level Cisco certification. It is a requirement for the other higher levels of certifications of Cisco.

Essentially the CCNA certification is the initial step towards the sequence of Cisco IT certifications. It is suited excellently for IT helps desk engineers, computer net workers, field technicians and other professionals of IT engaged in controlling the computer networks' processes.

What is the next step after obtaining a certification of CCNA?
After a professional of IT has acquired the certification of CCNA, he is then able to move forward and get the other certifications of CCNA. These consist of Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) certification that is intended for network technicians and network administrators and Cisco Certified Internet work Expert (CCIE) certification which is intended for positions of higher level and network administrators.

For CCNA exams, you should be acquainted with the interface of the exam and exam's nature. Cisco Career Certifications exams consists of the subsequent test formats: multiple choice single answer, drag and drop, multiple choice multiple answer, simulations and fill in the blank. Before taking the exam, candidates should know how all types of exam work particularly the exam tool of simulation. Such kind of practice will enable candidates to concentrate on their exam putting efforts on the questions of exam instead of knowing how to appropriately make use of the tools.

In the present day's market of jobs, the established competitive state of affairs makes it tricky for every individual to acquire a job easily. In such situations, it turns out to be crucial to be well educated and have professional qualifications for making a successful career. Therefore, if you are arranging for a career in networking, which is considered as the one of the most sought after fields all over the world, it is important for you to clear the certification of CCNA. To acquire the certification of CCNA, it is suggested that you register for CISCO CCNA training, which is offered by several institutions around the UK. After this, you might be needed to prepare for and clear the examinations of CCNA for being CCNA certified.

Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) is the basic level of the certification of CISCO. By registering for the examination of CCNA, you will learn regarding the networking basics like installation, design, troubleshooting, configuration, management and maintenance of IP and non-IP networks. Furthermore, as the course of CCNA is the basis of three level of Cisco certified network associate, there are no requirements for taking the CCNA examinations. The level of CCNA is appropriate for assisting field technicians and desk engineers.

Therefore, if you desire for making a successful career in the field of networking then the simplest way is to sign up for the training course of CISCO CCNA.

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If you have been looking for car finance or a car loan then one of the options you may have been considering is something referred to as guaranteed car finance. Many of us have been struggling from time to time over the past year or two, and very few of us have escaped the recession with a blemish free credit history or credit record.

The trouble is that anything less than a perfect credit record can cause all sorts of problems, including making it exceptionally difficult to get cars on finance. Trying to get any sort of credit these days is much harder than it was, but trying to get a car loan or car finance can sometimes feel an impossible task.

But with several companies offering guaranteed car finance, and offering open invitations for people to apply even if they have no credit history at all, or their credit record is poor, it is certainly worth considering. If you have missed a few payments over the past year or two, or even had a default or two - perhaps a Country Court Judgement (CCJ) entered against your name, you may well have given up on yourself as a lost cause.

It is entirely understandable, and being turned down for car finance or for a car loan is not only frustrating, it's also disheartening. In some cases it can also be rather embarrassing, and for that reason many people give up - perhaps a little too easily. If you have been in this position, you'll certainly know the frustration of needing a car, but being unable to get cars on finance - and few of us these days have enough spare capital and enough faith in our jobs to pay for a car up front.

Getting a car loan is the only option, but what do you do if your credit record is too weak to support your application? The idea of guaranteed car finance, or bad credit finance certainly sounds appealing, having been declined so many times before, and been frustrated at every stage of the process, being offered a guaranteed solution, whatever your circumstances certainly sounds very appealing.

But you might also be wondering what the catch is. The reason getting car finance or car credit is so difficult these days is because it isn't just consumers who have been feeling the pinch. Credit companies and other financial institutions have really been suffering - especially those who took risky decisions.

As a result the companies are having to be much more careful in order to play it safe and survive through the next few months. But since this is the case, how is it possible that some firms are able to offer guaranteed car finance?

At first glance it seems both a fantastic solution, and a total conundrum.

There are two main points worth noting, and these underpin the reasons why you are more likely to be able to get guaranteed car finance rather than a car loan from a standard finance dealer or bank.

The first of these points is that unlike a credit card or a loan, a car loan is placed specifically on a single product, and that product is likely to hold most of its value for at least some time. If a credit card company offers you a couple of thousand pounds' worth of credit you can easily go and blow the whole lot on holidays, travelling clothes, food and drink - with nothing to show for it at the end. If you don't pay your credit card bill, the company has nothing they can have back from you which can be sold to recoup their costs.

However, in the case of car finance, if the company transfers the money directly to the dealer of your choice, then in effect the finance firm owns the car until you have completely cleared the loan off. If you fail to make payments then the car finance firm is able to take the car back, and if necessary re-sell it to get at least most of the money back. This is one of the factors which can make car finance firms slightly more open to taking on consumers who may otherwise be considered risky.

The second factor is that guaranteed car finance is usually offered by those car credit firms who don't rely entirely on a credit record. Instead, by finding out more about your current circumstances, rather than the past created thanks to a recession, they can make a more balanced judgement and offer you a car finance solution which matches your current situation, rather than simply being blinkered by credit histories and credit reports.

With these two points in mind, applying for guaranteed car finance means giving yourself the best chance to be treated more fairly, and get back behind the wheel much sooner than you thought.


Since then, the country has had a second bailout and other member states such as Portugal also going in similar directions, the countries outcome is not clear.

The news from the US shocked the EU recently and sent further jobs tumbling as the new from US Stock Futures was not great.

Although the EU jobs market is bleak and the US jobs crisis translating across the pond, Greece does has its own set of unique characteristics which set it apart from the rest.

Greece is a country full of thinkers, scholars and growers. Sunshine rains down on Greece throughout the year with temperatures in the high 40s (Celsius). No wonder foods such as Fetta (cheese) and olives are traditionally grown in Greece.

Because Greece is part of the EU, Greek speaking jobs and Greek jobs are in high demand throughout Europe.

Greece is another language which is not taught in schools as a mandatory requisite so it's traditionally native Greek language speakers that get the jobs. As also the Greek alphabet is unique, it puts further limitations on foreign nationals trying to pick up the language.

The Greek crisis may be tougher than we thought and because member states are connected it may have more of an impact on the other member states of the EU than we originally thought.

With the Greek financial crisis the majority of Greek workers are lucky to make 600 Euros per month. Because there is no money available to the country there are no bank loans, no forms of credit for businesses or individuals. We do not realise how heavily we rely on credit to gain an initial push which is required for any business.

Greek speaking jobs are moving further west. Over the last couple of years a generation of workers have fled from Greece and moved to other EU member states that can afford to employ skilled workers.

Counties such as UK, France, German, Spain and The Netherlands have seen immigration of Greek nationals coming to the country seeking Greek speaking and Greek jobs in these countries.

Two EU member states have now fallen fowl to the economic downturn over the last couple of years. With strain on the EMF already and other countries looking as though they may need a bailout, what is the EMF and the EU to? If they continue to print money the value will decrease and we could end up like Zimbabwe where money has no value.

Sunday, January 12, 2014


To realize your immediate financial needs and desires, additional finances are needed. To clear your urgent bills, check out personal installment loans for better and hassle free financial aid. This is the effective and ideal source of finance that let you enjoy the loan deal meeting your monetary crunches with no delays and fuss. One need not have to undergo the time consuming loan process, this can be availed with complete ease and convenience of your doorway.

Anytime when you are facing some uncertain financial crunches and your payday is already exhausted, check out personal installment loans. This is the finest financial aid that can be availed with the ease of online application method. Just fill out a single online application form with few personal details regarding your monthly income and checking account number. Lender transfers the loan money direct in your checking account within quick span of time. Internet is useful in grabbing the deal with swift rates.

installment loans are short tenure loan aid that does not demand any collateral. Therefore, one can enjoy this fiscal aid removing the mess related to collateral assessments. However, the loan money that you are allowed to borrow can be ranges from 0 to 00 with swift repayment tenure of 14 to 31 days. Spend the finances for meeting your multiple financial desires without any lender's restrictions. The approval procedure is not at all lengthy and tiresome.

All the residents of US can enjoy the assistance of personal installment loans with ease. Moreover, to get the approval of this loan without any snub, you need to hold a valid and active checking account with a regular employment. The monthly income you earn should not be less than 00 per month. Thus, once you meet the above criteria, you will enjoy this loan deal with ease.

If you are tagged with several bad factors in your account due to some past credit mistakes, here are personal installment loans for you. These loans do not follow any credit checking process. Therefore, whatever credit scores you are having whether good or bad, you can enjoy this loan aid without any snub. Lender does not create any discrimination between good or bad creditors.

To grab the instant finances with no faxing hassle and delays, here are personal installment loans for you. These loans are affordable means of accessing the desired cash with absolute easy repayment terms.

Friday, January 10, 2014


Bad credit is now no more a new thing. Change in job, sudden financial crisis, gap in job continuance, lacuna in flow of steady income is some of the reason which gives rise to bad credit. Bad credit is not a desirable thing for anyone. It's a compulsion and inability to pay our financial obligation in time. With change in time and tradition, now availing loans even at the cost of bad credit is no more a surprise.

Bad credit as per FICO is a score less than 580 out of 800. The reason may be missed repayments leading to arrears, defaults CCJs. IVAs, and bankruptcy. Situations in life keep on changing. Past can never be necessarily a standardization of one's financial behaviors even in future concern. Loan for bad credits firmly trust on it and facilitates bad credit borrows not only to fulfill their financial need but also to uplift their credit status by making their repayment on time.

A loan for bad credit is available in variety of its form. Applying for secured bad credit loan will ask you to pledge some collateral as security against loaned amount. Collateral may be your house, land, car or any acceptable assets. If you are in need of some huge fund then opting secured form of this loan will be a sage step. Under this, you can enjoy to borrow large sum of money with flexible repayment tenure and low rate of interest. But if you do not want to put your property at risk or if you do not have anything to put as security then unsecured version of it will be an appropriate for you. It is approved quickly. The interest rate may be a bit high as compared to secured one but with existing competition in loan market, you can get the loan at competitive rate.

Loans for bad credit are available in all eminent financial institutions, prominent lenders and credit unions. You can have multiple loan quotes on internet with easy accessing. Compare them all in terms of their repayment tenure, interest rate and amount. Ensure to deal with reputed lenders. A deliberate selection of loan program will make your path easy for smooth lending.

The loan is of immense help for the borrowers whose application was not considered earlier chiefly because of poor credit but now they can not only avail the loan like normal borrowers but also can improve their credit status. The importance lies in its beauty of easy availability by all prominent credit unions.

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There are several primary differences between innocent spouse relief and injured spouse relief. An innocent spouse can get relief from the IRS when their spouse makes errors and false reports on a join tax return. On the other hand, an injured spouse is able to receive relief when the IRS holds a joint refund as a way of satisfying debts of their spouse. There are definite benefits to be aware of. While you may not qualify for one, there is a good chance that you could take full advantage of the other.

Injured Spouse Relief

If you believe that you qualify for injured spouse relief you need to follow the steps outlined by the IRS.

1. Make sure that you actually filed a joint return. If you did not, you are unable to use injured spouse relief as a way of bettering your situation.

2. Find out of the IRS has withheld a tax refund in the past, or plans to do so in the future, because your spouse has missed payments on items such as student loans or child support. If you are unsure of where you stand, do not hesitate to contact the IRS for further information on your account.

3. Download Form 8379 from the IRS website. This is the form that you need if you are going to apply for injured spouse relief.

4. On part two of the form, you will need to allocate all income, deductions, and credits between you and your spouse. This is the information that the IRS needs in order to give you the portion of the refund that you deserve.

5. Send the completed form to the IRS. You can send this along with your completed return, or separately if you have already filed.

Innocent Spouse Relief

Those who are requesting innocent spouse relief should follow these steps.

1. Did you file a joint return? This is the number one qualifier. If you didn't, you are unable to request innocent spouse relief.

2. Make sure that your spouse improperly and inaccurately reported items, which in turn led to an understatement.

3. Did you know that your spouse was including erroneous information when you signed the return? If so, you are not going to qualify for innocent spouse relief. Only those who were not aware of these intentional errors are eligible.

4. Download Form 8857 from the IRS website. This form needs to be completed and forwarded to the IRS immediately. Make sure you include honest, accurate information.

Hire a Professional

Even though it may seem cut and dry, there are times when you may be confused about whether you should file for innocent spouse relief or injured spouse relief. Rather than guess and hope you are right, hire a tax professional to answer your questions and guide you through the process.

All in all, there are several key differences between innocent spouse relief and injured spouse relief. Are you in position to take advantage of either one of these relief options?

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


The word "moped" is derived from the words "motor" and "pedal". Some, but not all, mopeds have a foot-powered pedal that powers the vehicle without the use of the engine. A motor scooter is more like a miniature motorcycle. Two of the biggest differences between mopeds and motor scooters are power and licensing requirements.

Since mopeds are not usually over 50 CCs of engine power, the licensing requirements in most places are more lax than for motor scooters, which have between 50 and 150 CCs of engine power. Most mopeds are legal for use on public roads, but are limited on highways. Mopeds have an automatic transmission. The benefits of owning a moped are that they are very environmentally friendly and, in many places, kids aged 14 or 15 can legally drive them on most public roadways.

A motor scooter has less power than a motorcycle, and many people choose scooters because they are more economical to drive and are not as intimidating as a full-power motorcycle can be. Mopeds, on the other hand, are more popular with young people. In areas where a motorized vehicle would not be allowed, such as a sidewalk or on a college campus, they are able to petal the moped and still get around.

Unlike a bicycle, the moped's engine allows users to get around at speeds up to almost 50 miles per hour. For adult commuters who want to save on fuel costs, a motor scooter is one option. For any commuter wanting to save the environment and get around in a stylish fashion, the moped just cannot be beat.

Some states classify mopeds according to their engine size, and others make the classification based on top speed. If you are considering a moped for transportation, check your state's specific regulations regarding the classification of the vehicle and the licensing requirements. Some states allow mopeds to be driven on public roads at the age of 14. In most states, 15 is the minimum age requirement. Motor scooters are usually classified as motorcycles, and the minimum age for driving on public roads is 16.

For high school and college students who need to travel relatively short distances at relatively low speeds, a moped is an excellent fuel saver. The small size is as easy to manage as a bicycle, but you do not have many of the limitations or hassles, such as pedaling up steep hills without assistance or getting out into the flow of 40 mile-per-hour traffic without the necessary power.

Adult commuters with relatively short, low-speed commutes also enjoy the money saving moped. Mopeds are also more environmentally friendly because they consume far less fossil fuel and have lower emissions.

Monday, January 6, 2014


Credit for non-refundable tax on income may be claimed by an employer of the industry of food and beverages for the fraction of Medicare and social security taxes incurred or paid on employees' cash tips. Income of the employee is treated as the wages provided by the employer while estimating Federal Insurance Contributions Act taxes (FICA).

The credits granted are equal to the obligation of employer under FICA for the tips excluding the ones compensated for the wages to satisfy the Federal Minimum wage rate. The minimum wage rate established to calculate the credit is .15 per hour with effect from 1st January 2007.

Credit Allowance
The amount of credit that is allowed for the tips that customers pay to the employees while receiving the services like serving or delivering of the food or beverages, if it is a prevailing local custom. Restaurant operators will be taking a sigh of relief knowing that they have been given a break by the federal government.

Significant Changes
SBWOT (Small Business Work Opportunity Tax Act) 2007 has enabled the restaurant operators to avoid the affects of new minimum wage rate by keeping the rate constant temporarily for FICA tip tax calculation.

AMT (Alternative Minimum Tax) will not be limiting the FICA tip tax credit anymore due to a significant change in Small Business Tax Act. For determining limitation on tax liability Tentative Minimum Tax is supposed and treated to be zero. Both alternative and regular minimum tax liabilities can be offset by FICA tip credit.

Both the changes mentioned above can convert into major savings in tax for the food and beverages industry. Clifton Gunderson, a respected and renowned tax specialist recommend the restaurant operators to keep FICA tip credit report updated.


The internet is a large space containing hundreds of millions of websites and blogs. It is very hard to get noticed on the search engines unless you follow a tried and proven practice to get visitors to your site and recognition of your site in the search engines.

One proven practise is article marketing. This can best be explained as writing an article that you submit to an article directory. When your article is accepted to the article directory you will then have at least two solid backlinks to your site and exposure to visitors of that article directory.

It then stands to reason that the more articles you have on articles directories the more backlinks to your site and you will get article visitor traffic.

If you submit the same article to many article directories then the backlinks will loose power due to the competition of each article in the search engines, commonly referred to as duplicate content.

Writing hundreds of articles is very time consuming and a lot of people do not have the patience or time to write an article. Would it not be a better idea then to write one article and from that one article make many hundreds of variations that are unique and do not contain duplicate content?

This will then allow you to go to each article directory where you will submit one article that has been spun and then the next spun article to the next article directory and so on. This way each article directory will get a unique non duplicate content article that was spun from your original article.

With the page rank power of the article directories that you have submitted each unique article to, that article will get the most juice from page ranking of the directory as well as a good solid backlink.

I will guide you through using article spinning software that will spin one original article and turn that single article into many hundreds or just a few, totally unique and non duplicate content that is easy to read and makes sense to the human reader.

I will describe the basics of spinning an article by substituting words and then take it up a notch to spin anchor text and then finally, saving the best to last, spinning url's so that your article spinning efforts will target deep links in your site or sites.

Once you have read these simple techniques you will soon discover that article spinning software does in fact spin human readable and grammatically correct articles just as if you wrote each article yourself.
Basic Article Spinning Commands

Article spinning software actually reads the text looking for commands where the software is called upon to act. Common to all article spinning software programs are the commands of [spin] or {word}.

For the sake of convenience I will use the [spin] command throughout for ease but, if you use other software the same command is {word1~word2~word3} as opposed to [spin]word1|word2|word3[/spin]

Basically what you just read is all there is to it to rewrite an article. Just those commands. Lets start by describing the commands.

The command [spin] tells the software that you want it to start here. The command [/spin] tells the software you want it to stop here. Inside those two commands you write your words separated by the symbol .

So the command would like this:- [spin]word1|word2|word3|word4[/spin]. By separating each word with the symbol you are asking the software that the words proceeding and following the symbol are the words you want the software to randomly choose.

Tip: the more words you use inside the commands means the more words the software can randomly select when it will re-write the sentence.

Example credit cards - [spin]credit cards|debit cards|bank cards[/spin]. The software will write My credit cards are too high or "My debit cards are too high and finally, "My bank cards are too high.

So to write a sentence it will look like this:- My [spin]credit cards|debit cards|bank cards[/spin] are [spin]out of control|maxed out|costing me a fortune in fees[/spin].

The software then has all those variables to choose from in the first command and mix those variables with the words in the second command.

That is how you make articles unique when you spin them. Also, as you put your words in the commands you can then read those words to make sure they make sense when the software spins the article.

The reason why article rewriting software churns out garbled rubbish is because when writing your words in the commands that they do not flow and make sense. If as you go along you read each word out you will ensure the article will be grammatically correct when spun, everytime.

Magic Article Rewriter Software

We all know that the more articles we have the more traffic our site will get. The more traffic, the more money we make or the more sales, interest we generate.

If you had software, appropriately priced software, don't you think you will make back your software investment price in no time?

Magic Article Rewriter software does everything for you. The software inputs the commands spin] and and [/spin] for you. Also it can use the commands {word1~word2}.

Not only that but have you ever written a word that you know just doesn't sound right? Well the software can make suggestions for you.

I use the software and I have found that I can write an article that sounds ok. When I put the article in the software and use the words it suggest, my article actually sounds better then when I first wrote it as the suggested words by the software is more descriptive then the words I originally used..

Visit my site to see the software in action.

More Information And Magic Article Rewriter

Now when using this software you will have the original article with the commands inserted in the article. This original article can be submitted to sites that take that article and use the commands to circulate that article to other niche websites.

To learn how to do this see how to use free content for niche websites. I would like to highlight the Free Traffic System that this software was actually designed for and is a free membership.

The purchase price of Magic Article Rewriter is a one time fee of .00. There are other websites that charge this fee for a monthly membership or 7.00 for software and you have to pay for updates each time.

The software is desktop based. That means the software is on your computer for you to use at any time. Its yours to keep forever.

Using this software will generate grammatically correct, unique and non-duplicate articles that you can submit to the major article directories.

Do not be surprised that your traffic statistics counter starts spinning wildly out of control because you will generate massive amounts of traffic from your articles.

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With so many expenses arising every month, it is difficult to sustain all expenditures in a limited amount. There are some situations in one's life when some fiscal needs are urgent and cannot be delayed. Instant payday loans can be availed to fulfill such needs. They offer quick and easy money for handling financial emergencies.

Financial help is offered in the range of 100-1500 to the borrowers who are employed for the last 6 months, are living at the same residence for past 6 months and have a valid account in a bank, at least 3 months old. The borrower should be an adult over 18 years of age with the citizenship of the UK.

The repayment term of these loans varies from 2 to 4 weeks. Interest rates herein, are slightly high as these loans are short term loans. The grants are approved within a few hours and the money is transferred to the borrower's bank account within 24 hours. The approval is so quick because, of the absence of credit check procedure.

The borrowers are offered financial help for any purpose which is served by small cash amounts. The purposes can be- loan repayment, paying off electricity and grocery bills, car or home repairs, buying a new home appliance, medical checkups etc.

Even bad credit borrowers facing problems like arrears, insolvency, county court judgments, IVA, late payments, payment defaults, etc, can take up instant payday loans. Grants are offered to bad creditors at slightly high interest rates due to their bad credit history.

One can apply for these loans by personally visiting a financial institution. One can also use the online mode to do so. The borrower can gain access to numerous deals of loans with the help of internet. One shall do the research properly and then make a deal.

With instant payday loans, the borrowers can be self-sufficient and can fulfill their needs. The grants are offered for a short term, to help one cater small fiscal needs.

Friday, January 3, 2014


We have all heard the sad story of countries like Greece and Spain, losing all economic stability and downgraded in Moody's and Standard & Poor's credit ratings. But do you realize that Turkey is the only country who's credit rating has been upgraded twice in one year with a double digit growth rate (10.3%) and is considered the best place for investment. It is the fastest growing member of the G20 and some say will rival the once powerful financial centers of Dubai and, perhaps, London.

One visit to Istanbul and this is evident. Everywhere you turn, there is massive construction taking place. On a drive from the airport into the city, you will at once realize that the city limits are expanding into areas that were once considered suburbs of the city. The fact is that the construction can not keep pace with the population that is flowing into the city to get a piece of the financial pie that is Istanbul.

Istanbul's skyline is drastically changing. For better or worse, high rises are emerging from its hills and there are entire city centers that were, just a mere year ago, nothing more than rural neighborhoods. Take for example the area now know as Maslak, Levent. Today it as know as Istanbul's Financial Center. A few years ago it was just a lot of auto shops and mechanic shops. Today only a smattering of these are left and are dwarfed next to the sleek and enormous office and residential spaces shooting into the skyline. Istanbul is becoming Restaurant and Bar mecca for Europe. I have not seen this much selection not even New York city. You can every cuisine in Istanbul ( Indian cuisine in Istanbul, Italian cuisine in Istanbul, French cuisine in Istanbul, Japanese cuisine in Istanbul, Latine cuisine in Istanbul, Chinese cuisine in Istanbul)

Zorlu Center, currently under construction (with cranes working non-stop, 24-hours a day, that I can see from my window), is a massive structure that is deemed to become a new city center with 5 functions: a culture and art center, luxury hotel, business center, shopping center and residences. It covers an area of 25 thousand square meters and is centrally located with transit lines for easy access (Gayrettepe Metro and Zincirlikuyu Metrobus Station). An additional 80 thousand square meters will be green space to balance the steel and concrete that exists next to it.

Even Mr. Donald Trump wants a piece of the action and financial success that is Istanbul. His Trump Towers consists of 2 towers, one residential and one office space that are connected by a 400,000-square foot luxury retail space. (There is no shortage of luxury retail in Istanbul!)

Just down the road from here into the heart of the Financial District is Sapphire, the tallest building in Istanbul (currently the tallest building in Europe) Sapphire is also a multi-use space with luxury residences, office space and 3 floors of high-end shopping, restaurants and even a golf driving range. Some of Istanbul Sapphire's high points are its incredible view- a 360 degree, panoramic view of Istanbul, never before seen from these heights. It also boasts the first enomatic wine bar / wine and spirits shop, Kavist where you can taste a variety of Turkish and International wines before you buy a bottle or two. If you are lucky, or on their mailing list and are informed, you can join a wine tasting with a rep from one of the wine companies, a lecture or one of their frequent happy hours that is popular with the after-work crowd that passes through on their way home. This is my favorite spot to start the night off right. (You can even order online at deliver!)

These award winning skyscrapers are just a few of the hundreds (or thousands) of structures that are changing the skyline of Istanbul. Personally I am always amazed at how this city constantly develops and matures while still retaining its authentic and rich, cultural past. After all, it is deserving of its current title, Istanbul 2010, European Capital of Culture.

Visit Istanbul this year and I suggest that you book your ticket early. It will be the hottest destination of Europe 2011. Don't forget to book your Blue Voyage cruise also ( Mavi yolculuk- Gulet ile mavi yolculuk, Turkish Gulet)

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Dealing with money can be risky. Most people don't want to gamble too much with their own money. The world of cash advances is no different. When handling these short-term loans it's important to be fully aware of what's going on.

One vital rule is to work only with a reputable lender. If you want to see the business and work with people face to face, going into a personal loan business is a good way to critique it. Analyzing a cash advance site online can be more difficult. The recent economical hard times have allowed payday loan sites to flourish. If you're going to borrow money online, be sure that you trust the online lender. A good sign is if the lender posts or sends you its lending policies. Also, before you commit to borrow money the lender should inform you of the charge for borrowing money as well as the penalty for not repaying it on time. Only work with the lenders who value openness and honesty.

Another good trait to look for is a strong lending history. It's very important that a company lends responsibly. A hassle-free process shouldn't be a substitute for low or no standards. Another good rule is this: if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. The Internet is a great resource to judge a payday loan site's character. There are a handful of different sources you can use to find helpful information about payday loans.

Certainly you don't want to be overdue on your cash advance repayment. The late penalties on payday loans are very stiff. Knowing your rights is an important part of dealing with this situation. At no time is a company allowed to threaten you with imprisonment or any other harassment. It's dangerous to give personal information like a social security number or credit card numbers on the phone. Remember you always have the option to request that loan information be mailed to you. There are several government agencies where you can report illegal practices.

A loan doesn't have to be a burden if you handle it carefully. If you don't understand something, all you have to do is read or ask a question. It's your money and no doubt you want to protect it.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Kelli Space is just 23 years old and is already 0,000 in debt.

The Northeastern University graduate figures that without help, she'll never be able to repay the nearly 0,000 in private student loans () she owes to non-governmental private student loan companies and the additional ,000 in federal student loans she owes to the U.S. Department of Education.

Space says she's already been turned down for student loan consolidation, and her current employment doesn't pay enough to allow her to repay her student loans.

>> The Cost of College in Bad Choices and Student Loans

Space readily admits that she made some bad decisions when it came to her college loans. She was the first in her family to attend college and didn't pay much attention to the spiraling cost of her student loans while she was incurring them.

She was attending a private, out-of-state school whose annual cost is estimated to be nearly ,000 for undergraduate studies, and tacked on costs for studying abroad for a year and summer classes. Space also admits that she realized her mistakes while she was still in school but didn't transfer to a less expensive institution. Her parents had initially planned to help with her college expenses, but Space's father was injured and has been unable to work for several years.

The end result was more than 0,000 in student loan debt, which Space says she's determined to repay one way or another. She's been making the monthly 1 payment on her private student loans but notes that the payment will rise to ,600 a month beginning next year.

Sallie Mae, her primary lender, won't consolidate her private student loans or allow her to move to an income-based repayment plan, so she's done what she can do: Set up a website soliciting donations to help repay her college loans.

The site, (), chronicles Space's troubles with student loans and is tracking progress on her debt reduction. To date, Space has received nearly ,000 in donations, which she'll use to pay down her student loans. She doesn't think she'll receive enough in donations to pay off her student loan debt altogether, but she says that she hopes to draw attention to the problems that she and many other new graduates face when it comes to repaying private student loans.

Private student loans, unlike government-issued federal student loans, don't typically offer the same flexibility in repayment options or in setting up affordable repayment plans that take a borrower's income into account ().

>> College Financing Advice for Students From One Who's Been There

Space advises high school and college students to get more financially savvy about the real cost of student loans and the interest those loans will accrue following graduation. Space also hopes that high schools, colleges, and universities will develop more intelligent ways of discussing student loan debt with students who have no family history when it comes to attending college.

Space believes that if she had developed a more realistic understanding of the process of paying for college while in high school, she may not have made the same mistakes. Unfortunately, she says, there are few opportunities for high school teachers or guidance counselors to explain to college-bound students the impact that overwhelming student loan debt can have on their financial future.

She says that if she could do it all over again, knowing what she knows now, she would have attended a community college for the first year or two, to save money on tuition costs, and then transferred to a four-year institution once she had determined a major. Then she would have used her major and the employment prospects for graduates in that field to help determine the amount of debt that she could reasonably take on in college loans.

In the meantime, Space is sharing her parents' New Jersey home with no plans to move out and is working full-time for an Internet company in New York City. She says that she has little chance of declaring bankruptcy, but she doesn't want other students to make the same mistakes she did, and she hopes her website serves as a cautionary tale to students who are considering their options for college and for how to pay for college.