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Everyone who cheats and delves into the realm of infidelity leaves a trail of clues that can reveal them for the low lives they are. Signs your man is cheating can be everywhere you look if you know how to train your eye and your mind to pick up on the small things which can lead to larger things that can help you catch a cheating husband or boyfriend. So if you are asking "Is my husband cheating read on for 28 signs of infidelity you can look for!

1. Stays at work late
Spending more and more time at work for hours unaccounted for can be a sign of stolen time and perhaps stolen kisses and more.

2. He gets defensive when questioned
No one likes to be questioned about their faithfulness but if they were not cheating the defense would be more caring and less blustering and angry. Not only this but if questioning them about where they have been without mention of cheating provokes an outburst you have cause to worry.

3. Lack of intimacy
If your man suddenly wants less contact with you intimately from kisses and hugs to sex they may be getting what they need from another woman.

4. Change in appearance
If you boyfriend or husband suddenly starts taking more interest in how they look it may not be for you they are changing, men tend to change their hygiene and grooming habits to impress work ... or women.

5. Starts working out suddenly
Again like grooming an extreme change in their exercise habits especially if they have not been talking about it with you may indicate they want to impress someone.

6. Evidence of a woman
The old lipstick on the collar may be a dead giveaway but other clues can be found, a few long stray hairs in their clothes, the scent of perfume that is not yours small items in the car that are unexplained too often.

7. Lack of interest in family
If you have children and your husband is spending less time doing his fatherly duties and seems to lack all interest in his kids he may be chasing something more exciting than a family life.

8. Bank account oddities
If you get credit card bills with items that go unexplained or large amounts of cash taken out from ATMs to try to cover those expenses that could be spent on other women could be a sign of cheating spouses.

9. Lies
It does not need to be big obvious lies that show they were not where they said they were, it is not just the big "I am not cheating honey!" lie ... but the many small lies that accumulate over time to cover up their movements, behaviors and ultimately ... cheating.

10. Emails and more
How to catch a cheating husband has a lot to do with detective work and looking through their emails is almost par for the course when trying to catch a cheater. However have you also checked their instant message programs? Or their MySpace account? or Facebook? There are many digital forms of communication that leave an online paper trail you can follow and find evidence or irregularity.

11. Internet Cache
Another hi tech tip is to look at what your husband has been browsing on the net. Check their history of pages visited the cache where images and details are stored and so on. This can reveal dating sites, excessive pornography and worse.

12. Strange phone use
Another sign of infidelity from a man is how they behave on the phone, do they take their calls out of ear shot, and are they on the phone to "work" more than is believable?

13. Strange phone calls
On the other end of the spectrum do you receive calls from women who get "wrong numbers" or callers that hang up when you answer? People involved in an affair often try to contact each other despite the fact you are right there!

14. Strange numbers on his cell phone
Do you find numbers on his cell phone that come up often but you do not recognize, do they call out of work times often too? Cell phones are the best way to talk to your lover without your wife or girlfriend knowing.

15. Digital records too clean?
With phones, computers and the internet there is a massive amount of data you can investigate. Sometimes you may find absolutely nothing and while this might be a relief if it is "too clean" when all emails are deleted promptly, all SMS on the cell phone are deleted and all call information gone as well? Just like protesting too much at being questioned being paranoid about being found makes men become so cautious they leave clues by removing everything including the clues!

16. Guilt
The last signs your man is cheating can come from simply looking and sounding guilty! while some men are very good at keeping a poker face while sleeping around others will show signs of guilt and fear at being found out. It is hard to describe but the look in their eyes, the body language when talking to you or the family can all give away signs that should set your woman's intuition tingling and make you ask "is he cheating on me?".

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Need any help in writing the perfect prospecting letter? A sample prospecting letter and a few tips on how to write it, are given here to help you.

Prospecting letters are written to market one's candidature to potential employers for a particular job, or making a business proposal to potential clients. It is a way of introducing oneself to a company before directly meeting anyone for an interview. Prospecting letter examples include, letters written by candidates to companies, to apply for an internship or job, letters by insurance agents or financial planners to prospective clients, or sales letters written to propose a business service. Prospecting letters are a type of cover letters. The sample prospecting letter given below will give you a good idea about how to write it in the right way.

Prospecting Letter Format

Here are the main points to be covered in a prospecting letter:
1. At the beginning of the letter, mention your name, address, contact number and e-mail id. It can even be written in the header.
2. Next, write the date.
3. Then address the letter to the concerned person. Write the addressee's name, designation, company name along-with a brief mention of the company's address. Do not write "to whomsoever it may concern".
4. Next is the salutation, which can be "Dear Mr./Ms." It is always better to address the person by his name.
5. The first paragraph should include a reference as to how you were brought to notice about any openings in the company, why the particular company interests you, and what research you have done on the company.
6. Second and third paragraphs should give a brief introduction of your own self. Don't make it too long, because detailed information about you will be there in your enclosed resume. Make sure to highlight some of your significant achievements, qualifications, skills or qualities which make you outstanding and the best choice for the job. You can also provide any additional information here, that cannot be explained in your resume, such as reasons for year gaps.
7. In the fourth paragraph tell them about when you plan to call them to obtain an appointment. Also give a note of thanks for their time and consideration, and express your keenness for a face-to-face meeting with them. End on a positive, enthusiastic note.
8. Close the letter with phrases like "Thanks and regards" or "Yours Sincerely".
Sample Prospecting Letter
James Wilson
1322 River View Apartments
Blacksburg, VA 24060
(540) 555-0101

June 24, 2010

Adam Cantor
Director of Personnel
Goodwin Marketing Corporation
432 Echcomb Parkway
Arlington, VA 22207

Dear Mr. Cantor:
Through extensive research on the web, I have come to know about Goodwin Marketing Corporation, its credentials, financial performance and future growth prospects. I wish to express my interest in working with Goodwin Marketing as a Management Trainee and make a contribution to its growth trajectory.

I have completed my bachelor's degree in business administration, with a major in marketing, from University of Maryland (UMD). My most significant achievement is that I won the Best Speaker Award, 3 years in a row, in the annual Inter-University Debate event at UMD. I have also successfully completed a 6-months internship program in Rockwell Market Research Inc., wherein I got exposure to market research as well as advertising and brand management for existing and new product portfolios.

I believe my knowledge and understanding of advertising and brand management, along-with my inherent creativity and excellent communication skills, will hold me in good stead if I get to play a strategic role in marketing management in your esteemed organization.

Enclosed is my detailed resume. I will greatly appreciate an opportunity to attend an interview through which my candidature can be better assessed. I will give you a call next week to confirm the same. Thanks for your time and consideration.

Yours Sincerely,

James Wilson

Encl: Resume

This is just one sample prospecting letter. A prospecting letter sample can give you a basic idea about the format, but what ultimately matters is the substance of your letter. While writing prospecting letters, remember to be brief and succinct, because no one would have time to read a very long, verbose letter. This is the fundamental rule for letter writing. Also, use your words carefully, don't sound desperate for the job, be original and make sure you highlight your strengths. A well-written prospecting letter might just make that one small difference that will set you apart from the rest.

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Are you in need of an equity mortgage loan? Well, if you're a homeowner and you need a large amount of cash, then a second mortgage equity loan may be your answer. An equity mortgage loan can be used for whatever needs you have. Be it a remodeling project or paying off high interest credit card debt, etc.

These second mortgage loans are not that difficult to qualify for due to the fact that the lender will have your home put up as collateral to secure the loan.

The biggest issue will be the interest rate. If you have good credit you can expect to pay very low interest, generally around prime + 1% or so. But, if you currently have some credit issues going on, you can expect to pay much higher interest rates.

The key is to look at what the money is going to be used for. If you plan on paying off credit card debt, what is the interest rates on the credit cards compared to the rate on your mortgage equity loan? Depending on your credit, it could be a wash.

Many lenders offer great rates on these loans. The important thing is to shop around. Check out several different lenders before making a decision.

You'll find home equity loans with repayment terms of 5-10-15 or even 20 years.

By having a clear understanding of what you need the cash for, and looking around at various lenders, you will find the right second mortgage equity loan that is right for your situation.

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If your company intends to indefinitely reinvest all of your CFC's accumulated unremitted earnings, can your company utilize the APB 23 exception to not record deferred taxes on the portion of your CFC's unremitted earnings that relate to your CFC's investment in another 30% owned foreign subsidiary.


Company A operates in the United States and owns 100% of UK Subsidiary B, a controlled foreign corporation (CFC). Subsidiary B owns 30% of the outstanding stock of Irish Investee C and does not have the ability to exercise control over Investee C. Accordingly, Subsidiary B carries Investee C on its books using the equity method of accounting.

Additional facts:

Dividends remitted by Investee C to Subsidiary B will be taxable to Company A under the U.S. Subpart F rules. In other words, even if the cash from the dividend payment were to remain with Subsidiary B, the income would be immediately taxable in the U.S.

Company A has asserted its intention to indefinitely reinvest all of the accumulated unremitted earnings of Subsidiary B.

The entire difference between Company A's book and tax basis in Subsidiary B relates to unremitted earnings.

Investee C has not had a history of making distributions.


As Company A intends to indefinitely reinvest all of Subsidiary B's s accumulated unremitted earnings, can Company A utilize the APB 23 exception to not record deferred taxes on the portion of Subsidiary B's unremitted earnings that relate to Investee C?


Answer: No.

APB 23, paragraph 12 states:

Indefinite reversal criteria. The presumption that all undistributed earnings will be transferred to the parent company may be overcome, and no income taxes should be accrued by the parent company, if sufficient evidence shows that the subsidiary has invested or will invest the undistributed earnings indefinitely or that the earnings will be remitted in a tax-free liquidation.

In order for Company A to invoke the APB 23 exception, Company A must not only have the intent, but also the ability to control the reversal of the portion of the outside basis difference for which deferred taxes are not recorded. To the extent that activities of a CFC constitute Subpart F income for tax purposes, the Subpart F includable amounts are treated as deemed distribution followed by a subsequent reinvestment of the proceeds back to the CFC. This reinvestment of proceeds results in an increase in the U.S. parent's tax basis in the CFC and also results in causing part of the difference between the book and tax outside basis in the CFC to reverse with a tax consequence -- exactly what the APB 23 exception requires Company A to assert it is able to avoid from occurring.

In the fact pattern noted above, because Subsidiary B does not control Investee C, and because a dividend or certain other transactions involving Investee C will be taxable in the U.S. to Company A as Subpart F income, Company A does not have the ability to assert the APB 23 exception on the portion of Subsidiary B's unremitted earnings that relate to Investee C. In effect, the existence of the Subpart F provisions makes Company A's indirect ownership in the Investee C (through Subsidiary B) analogous to Company A having direct ownership in Investee C. Accordingly, ownership of Investee C indirectly through Subsidiary B does not change the accounting, even if Investee C does not have a history of making distributions.

NOTE: The issue surrounding the ability to utilize the APB 23 exception with a CFC is not limited to a CFC's equity method investments. To the extent that activities occurring at the CFC level or below will cause the recognition of Subpart F income by the CFC's U.S. parent, the underlying facts and circumstances must be examined to determine if the recording of U.S. deferred taxes can be avoided for the item that may become subject to U.S. tax.

For example, an investment which is accounted for under FAS 115 may cause Subpart F income in the U.S. when sold. To the extent that a company is not able to avoid the triggering of Subpart F income on the reversal of the temporary difference associated with this investment, U.S. deferred taxes should be provided irrespective of whether an APB 23 assertion (that funds will not be remitted from the CFC to the U.S. parent) has been made.

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A stunning variety of covers for children's duvets are available for parents who want to add color and interest to their children's bedrooms. Duvet covers come in all colors, sizes, and themes. Solid colored duvet covers can complement the color scheme in your child's bedroom. Patterned covers that reflect themes related to your child's interests and activities can make going to bed an experience your child actually looks forward to.

Whether you have a boy or girl, there is a duvet cover out there that will appeal to your child. It is easy to find children's duvets that appeal to both genders and to kids of all ages. Every parent knows that it is important to enable children to express their identities through the objects they surround themselves with, especially the dcor of their bedrooms and their bedding. Selecting a duvet cover of an appropriate color and style can allow your child to show off his or her personality. Little girls who love pink will enjoy duvet covers in colors such as BeBop Pink and Tickled Pink. Little boys may prefer covers in Pistachio and Blueberry Cordial Aqua. For older children, who may want their duvet covers to reflect their new maturity, covers in more subdued colors such as Quilt Blue or Tartan Red may be more appropriate

In addition to a variety of color schemes, you will find a multitude of themes available in covers for children's duvets. For the dinosaur enthusiast in your family, you can choose duvet covers in Dino Lime and Jurassic Dinosaur. The budding athlete in your house will love Old Ball Game, Grand Slam, and Soccer World. Girls who love to play "dress-up" will be thrilled with such offerings as Rhinestone Cowgirl and Glitter Princess. Themed duvet covers are not only functional but entertaining. They will engage and occupy your child's imagination in those moments before falling asleep. It will no longer be a chore to get your children to wind down at the end of the day. They will be clamoring to go to bed.

Covers for children's duvets also offer convenience and versatility. When one duvet cover is being laundered, simply zip another one on over your child's duvet. If your child becomes bored with his African Safari duvet cover, switch to the Pirate Map cover and he will be happy again. Changing the duvet cover in your child's bedroom is a simple way to vary the dcor and reignite his or her interest in the nighttime ritual of going to bed.


As most Americans found out in 2008 and 2009, Investing in real estate can be a very high-risk investment. Unfortunately, you can't negate all of the risk involved. Every type of investment involves taking a big rest. Real estate is no different and given the amount of money necessary to invest in real estate, the risk might even be higher. But as they say: "The higher the risk, the better the reward". Now that we've established that this is a risky investment, let's talk about how you can minimize the risk. By knowing what you're getting into and taking the proper steps in the beginning of, and throughout, the process, you can minimize the risk and reap more rewards.

The first thing you need when starting to invest in real estate is enthusiasm. This may sound silly, but thinking positively is important in any investment. If you're not convinced that your investment can be beneficial, then you will not be able to give your all to it. Before investing in anything, you should be confident and excited about it.

The next step is for you to educate yourself. There are several ways to do this. You can attend classes on real estate. You should also consider checking out some seminars about real estate investment. If you attend seminars, be sure to check out the person holding the seminar. You'll want to make sure that they have an excellent track record in the field of real estate. Also, try to find a mentor, someone you can bounce ideas off of and who can help you if any obstacles should arise.

When buying your first property, there are several things to consider. Take into account any repairs that may need to be done and get some quotes on how much these repairs will cost. Obviously, you don't want to be underwater on your first purchase right out of the gate. After you decide what property you want to buy, be sure to run it by your mentor or an experienced real estate investor. Find out if they think it's a good idea and, more importantly, if they would invest in it.

Now, it's time to start building your team. This may seem like you're jumping the gun but it's important to have a team to work with. They can assist you in getting things done and making contacts that can assist you along the way. More importantly, your team can prevent you from making terrible mistakes. Nobody's perfect and you might make a decision that you think is a great idea that turns out to be a terrible mistake. Sometimes, the best way to prevent this is to have a second opinion. This person might notice or think about something you overlooked or simply didn't recognize as a possible issue.

Investing in real estate can be an extremely rewarding, not to mention profitable, experience. In order to ensure that it turns out that way, it's vital that you know what to expect before jumping in headfirst. There is always risk in any investment. By going through the proper steps and knowing what to expect, you can minimize this risk and enjoy profitable investments for years to come.

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More than 95% real estate leads are generated online in the US and developing countries like India will soon follow suit. So it is very important to have a listing portal that helps agents and brokers to promote their listings. It is very important to be a part of this vibrant and ever-growing business field of real estate brokerage. However, it is even more important to be part of a successful global network. Real estate industry professionals need to work on a business model that has successfully been employed in major countries across the world. To overcome the inefficiencies of the real estate industry, it is important to have the use of training, technology and be ahead of its time. The RE/MAX policies of cooperative growth and shared office expenditure, ensuring that a person can focus more of his time on earning and doing transactions, is a collaborative way of doing business and making sure that everybody wins.


1. Less inventory: The number of sellers one represents in the market
2. Less leads: The number of buyers one represents in the market
3. Budget to advertise: Agents and brokers have little money to spend on advertising.
4. No training on real estate broking : Lack of knowledge of the real estate industry
5. Staff retention: Employees do not stay for long in the system.
6. Staff monitoring: Employees need to be given more time in terms of monitoring.
7. Staff motivation: Motivation levels fluctuate as per the market dynamics.
8. Recognition: A small office cannot recognize the efforts of a good employee.
9. Restricted network : Network of a real estate broker is restricted to his local friends at the most
10. No trust: Customers do not trust the average real estate broker, as agents are normally seen as dishonest.
11. Unorganized market: The property market is unorganized with no entry barriers and no regulatory body.
12. No international presence: Lack of reach to international locations plagues property agents.
13. Builders have to spend a lot of advertisement: Since selling agents are not coordinated, builders are spending a lot of money to promote their projects.


There are many real estate portals competing online in India right now, such as MagicBricks, 99Acres, Makaan and IndiaProperties. These property websites constantly vie for the attention of real estate buyers, sellers and tenants.

Online property portals on the Internet were established with an agenda to remove or bypass real estate brokers and agents from transactions taking place in the industry. They allow customers to list properties directly with the idea of eliminating the broker from the chain. However, nobody knows better than a broker that only a well-established property agent can give local market knowledge, help with paper work and find the best deal for the client at the lowest possible cost. It is difficult as well as unreasonable to try and eliminate agents and brokers out of the network.


The primary job of the broker is to sell the property he lists. The value at which a property is listed is of prime importance. If the property is undervalued it will sell fast but the seller will lose substantially. If the property is overvalued then it will take a long time to sell and the seller will lose on interest with increased opportunity costs and the may miss an ideal investment prospect.

A valuer can not only list the property in the market at the right price, he can also convince the customer that the price is perfect as he has the precise knowledge as to why the property is valued at that price.


Trust: A real estate valuer gets the trust of the seller as he is considered to be an independent third party doing the valuation of property.
Knowledge: The valuation of a property requires in-depth knowledge of various aspects to valuation and knowledge of the field. This creates an entry barrier to anyone who wants to enter the field of real estate.
Mandate: Generally, a seller will not get multiple valuations done for the property. So, the awareness that the property might be up for sale is available only to the real estate valuer.
Early Involvement: A real estate valuer gets involved in the transaction much before a real estate broker. This gives a bigger advantage to him in both customer interaction as well as the whole property deal process.
Expectation Handling: A real estate valuer can set correct expectations in the mind of the seller, helping in the negotiation process which ultimately helps in faster transaction.
Allied Services: Real estate brokerage can be reflected as an allied service or value added service to the main earning business vertical of real estate valuation. Customers increasingly prefer a one-stop-shop that provides a centralized solution to their end-to-end real estate requirements.

For further information in successful, profitable and organized real estate dealing, buyers, sellers, agents and brokers can all learn from .

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In the process of buying a house, you have to make decisions about a number of aspects, including your loan options, choosing a real estate agent, getting the house inspected by a professional, etc. Similarly, when it comes to closing a real estate deal, you may wonder whether to choose your own closing agent. But before making this decision, you need to first understand who a closing agent is and what role he or she plays in closing a deal.

A closing agent is a person or a company who coordinates all procedures and formalities required to complete the sale or purchase of a property. He or she ensures that all documents are in order before you sign a deed and also interacts with your lenders to obtain details concerning the disbursement of funds and closing instructions. Once all these documents have been gathered, the closing agent prepares a settlement statement and the required affidavits.

In general, a closing agent does not work for a buyer, seller, lender or real estate agent. However, he or she may have to work with all these parties to obtain the necessary documents, such as the sale contract, inspection report, home warranty documents, and so on. The closing agent also ensures that you are in agreement with the opposite party that all papers obtained are in order and collects checks required for covering closing costs and other deposits.

Lastly, the closing agent records the deed and mortgage with the appropriate courthouse, and then he or she returns the original deed to you and the original mortgage document to the lender.

Why Hire a Closing Agent?

First of all, an experienced, reliable closing agent can close a deal smoothly and more rapidly and help you avoid a complicated or delayed closing process. Secondly, closing agents have vast experience in real estate transactions, and therefore, they have better knowledge about the types of loans available and which loan would suit your needs best. They also draw up all the necessary paperwork and handle the payoff to the seller. This drastically reduces the burden on you.

So Should You Choose Your Own Closing Agent?

While as a buyer you reserve the right to choose your own closing agent, it is wise to enlist the services of the closing agent affiliated with the seller. This is because sellers work with a regular set of closing agents who are well accustomed to all procedures and formalities. For example, when it comes to REO properties or bank owned houses, the closing agents working with the bank may have more experience with the paperwork necessary to complete the closing, as opposed to someone chosen by you. Sellers also prefer to work with these agents because there is a mutual understanding of their Service Level Agreement (SLA) and turn-around-time. This makes the process much smoother.

For you to opt for your own closing agent, you must be familiar with closing agents in your state, which you probably are not. Leaving the choice to the seller comes with other benefits too. Most sellers offer to pay for your title insurance policy and other related search fees as an incentive for allowing them to choose the title provider and closing agent. And by leaving the choice of closing agent to the seller, you can ensure a faster closing time.


No one can deny the fact that today money is the supreme power of the world. This is the reason why a good sum within pocket can help a person to counter any kind of situation whether it is favorable or unfavorable.

It is not necessary that all the times to meet all kind of your needs you will have sufficient amount of money with you. Here, you are required to arrange money from outside sources with the help of loan facilities.

When it is about loans then they are available in various forms. But when it is about instant cash requirement then one name that you can trust upon is that of payday loan.

It is a kind of loan facility in which you have to pay out the borrowed amount on the next payday. It is a kind of lucrative loan facility and widely appreciated by the people. It is now quite easy for people to enjoy the facility of a payday loan with the help of the internet. There are a large number of sites available on the internet which can offer you an online payday loan to fulfill all your monetary needs in an instant fashion.

But if you are going for the loans internet cash advance then it is imperative that you should act prudently while dealing with an online payday loan provider. You should look for a site which believes in offering service and support to its customer right from the core of its heart.

Obviously, when it is a matter of money then you cannot trust just any site. For better results regarding payday loans internet cash advance it is best to rely upon a site which is highly dignified in the market. For finest results you can end up your quest with Click n Cash. It is undoubtedly a premier name in the online payday loan market.

It is a company which came into existence in the year 2005 and is located in Ontario, Canada. Since its establishment it is tirelessly working for the welfare of the customers who are in the desperate need of online payday loan. Below are some of the important features associated with Click n Cash. Go for these features and decide on your own how fruitful it will be for you to go for the payday loan facility offered by this site.

o Experience: Click n Cash has enough knowledge and experience of the market that it can understand all kinds of customer requirements with ease. This is the reason why when it comes to payday loans internet cash advance most of the smart customers trusts this site without any hesitation.

o Goodwill: this is one of the most favorable features associated with this site. In today's online market when most of companies try to cheat their customers Click n Cash is a leading provider of payday loans which believes in offering nothing less than complete satisfaction. Honesty and transparency are among the best policies of this company.

o References: if you are a rational customer then it is really an appreciable thing. For online payday loan you can go for all kinds of references available to you. It is completely assured that most of the customers will suggest you the name of Click n Cash only.

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There is ONE and ONLY ONE REASON for failure in any business venture: a losing Self-Image.

There is ONE and ONLY ONE REASON for success in any business venture: a powerful, winning Self-Image.

Your Self-Image is your most valuable possession. It is your identity (ID), which you carry with you wherever you go. It determines who and what you are, what you can or cannot BE, what you can or cannot achieve, what you can or cannot have, It determines how healthy you are, how successful you are, how much money you have, what kind of relationships you can or cannot have. Your Self-Image is made up of all the beliefs, values and rules you have about yourself, the world and everyone and everything in it. These beliefs, values and rules you hold automatically determine your attitudes and behaviors. Your outer world is simply the "out-picturing" of your 'hidden' Self-image.

With a winning Self-Image everything becomes easy. The most difficult goals are achieved. With an inadequate, loser Self-Image, the simplest and easiest of goals turns into a failure.

With a winning Self-Image just about everything becomes possible. With a negative, loser Self-Image everything turns into failure and disappointment.

Unfortunately, all those limiting, destructive, restricting beliefs, values and rules (and their resulting attitudes and behaviors) are stored very deep in the recesses of your own Subconscious mind and out of your conscious awareness.

Looking at and analyzing his/her hidden Self-Image must be the FIRST thing everyone does before embarking into any business venture - no matter what type of business it is.

Most people FAIL miserably because they never look at the their Self-Images. Most never know such a thing exists or believe it has nothing to do with their success or failure.

The mistake most people make is to attempt to be successful money-makers, become money magnets, make money fast, get rich, be millionaires or multimillionaires and have lots of money in the bank BEFORE looking at the Self-Image that is going to achieve all those goals. They JUMP before they LOOK!

Most people simply start buying money making programs to make money at home, make money on eBay, work at home, make money online, make money with a website, make money on real estate or investing in the stock market or commodities. These people should NOT blame those programs for their failures. They never even think about asking themselves some basic questions such as "Do I really believe I am going to succeed?", "Do I have what it takes so win?", "Is it going to be easy and fun or really hard and complicated for ME?"". This is simply one way to look at their hidden Self-Images, without using that name.

Do you believe your Self-Image is adequate enough to allow you to achieve all your financial goals? How do you know that since you CANNOT SEE your Self-Image?

Beliefs such as "I am a success". "I am a winner", "It is real easy for me to make money". "I am a money magnet" and similar positive beliefs are NOT the ones keeping you from having all the money you want.

Useless beliefs such "I am a loser", "I am a failure", "I am not good at making money", "We can never afford it", "It is so hard for me to make money", "Life is hard", "Making money is a constant struggle for me", "The more I try, the less money I have" are the culprits of your failure achieving your financial goals.

And how about "Money is not that important", "I'd rather be honest than rich", "There are more important things than money"? These are known as 'values'. And if you indulge in any of those thoughts, you can be certain that you place very little priority on making money. Other things are more important to you that money. With those values you will NEVER make the money you desire. With those values you will never be motivated enough to create that burning desire and invincible spirit that will not rest until victory is achieved. Just the opposite. You will automatically do everything to continue in the struggle you are experiencing right now.

If you have those 'useless' beliefs and values, you will constantly sabotage yourself and subconsciously do anything to AVOID taking the necessary steps in the direction of making more money.

You can buy all the programs to make money online, make money from home, make money on eBay, open your own business. You can buy the most famous investment program or real estate courses where people a lots less competent than you are winning and making money. You can study all you want about making money in the stock market or commodities. And maybe you are one of those people who already spent lots of money and energy on those programs only to find out that NOTHING seems to work for you!

But UNLESS and UNTIL you identify and eliminate those 'useless' beliefs and values that are negative, destructive and which LIMIT your ability to attract and make the amounts of money you desire . . . .unless you change your inadequate, loser Self-Image . . . NOTHING WILL WORK FOR YOU!

It is not enough for you to become aware that you do not give high enough value to money, that you believe it is real difficult for you to make money, that you believe that it is better to give than receive and/or you believe you will never be rich. Or any other type of limiting, destructive beliefs or values.

THEY MUST BE ELIMINATED COMPLETELY from your mind and your thinking!

Most books, courses and seminars do not show you ways to eliminate/erase all those limiting beliefs and values, attitudes and behaviors that are making you a REPELLENT to money -- and your life a living hell!

As long as these limiting, destructive beliefs and values stay in your Subconscious mind, no amount of positive thinking will help. You will continue having struggles with money. You will continue having a hard time making enough money to survive. All the actions you take will be exactly the ones needed for you to FAIL again and again.

YOU will not win and will not make money. NOT until you remove all those BLOCKS from your Subconscious mind and 'imprint' the right new beliefs, values and rules - which will automatically cause you to have the 'right' winning attitudes and behaviors, and attract the right people, situations, conditions and circumstances. Change your Self-Image or ANYTHING ELSE WILL FAIL.

It is NO fun to lose. It is NO fun to fail. It is painful to lose. It is PAINFUL to fail. It is very PAINFUL being considered a LOSER by the people in your life.

And it is even MORE PAINFUL to have to come up with all sort of excuses to explain to your family members and friends why you are not succeeding - and try to explain it in such a way as to avoid being considered a LOSER by them.

And, in spite of all your effort to hide it, you KNOW they all see you as a big LOSER! They may not say anything, they may even agree with you. But, in their minds they all think you are a BIG LOSER! And that is incredibly PAINFUL.

You can continue experiencing that deep, hurtful PAIN of destroyed expectations and unfulfilled dreams, and continue suffering and experiencing an ever increasing level of frustration, disappointment, failure and PAIN in your life.

Or, you can end it all by learning HOW TO get rid of all your negative, limiting beliefs, re-build your Self-Image into a powerful one, make you supremely self-confident, make you think, believe and behave like the multimillionaires and billionaires, and give you all the tools to achieve the success and financial wealth you always dreamed about.

Once you make the necessary changes in your Self-Image, you will be able to clearly see the EXACT type of business BEST suited for you (make money online, at ebay, investing, real estate, you name it!). And it will be easy and even fun to take all the steps necessary to FINALLY succeed.

You do not need to settle for less when you can have just everything you always wanted.

Be a money magnet: Make money fast, get rich and be a millionaire the easy and fun way - using your mind!

YOU CREATE YOUR OWN REALITY. Right now, you seem to be creating a very PAINFUL reality. You can continue to suffer if you want to. I doubt this is your choice, though.

Therefore, when you get to that point where you sincerely say to yourself "THAT'S ENOUGH", I HAD IT", and you are ready to stop the PAIN of losing and failing, and start having FUN and SUCCESS, learn HOW
TO change your Self-Image and HOW TO DOWNLOAD into your own mind the winning Self-Image of the millionaires, multimillionaires and billionaires.

Once you DOWNLOAD it into your own mind, you will start believing like them, thinking like them, behaving like them -- and consequently achieving similar results practically 'automatically'.

The ONE thing that is keeping you from learning and using the tools and techniques to be a millionaire is your inadequate Self-Image, the FIRST thing you must change if you want to succeed.
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Sunday, December 15, 2013


For many people, personal loans seem to be more attractive options than any other forms of credit. Because, these are offered without providing any security and are easily available if you have decent income flow. As these loans are called as all-purpose loans, they can help you do many things - buy a car, house renovation, holiday vacation or pay for essential household items.

So, if you are one among them thinking to borrow personal loans for any of your personal needs, ask yourself these questions before you rush to take debt.

1. For what am I borrowing money?

This is the first question you need to ask yourself. Think whether you are borrowing money to meet your needs or meet your wants. Need is something you must have (it's a compulsion) and want is something you wish to have. Here are few examples that help you understand the difference between need and want.

Some of the expenses that come under need are:

Medical emergencies
Child's admission fee
Wedding expenses

Some of the expenses that come under want are:

Purchasing consumer durables
Financing a holiday vacation
Purchasing a house, luxury car, etc.

After understanding for what you are borrowing money, ask yourself the next question.

2. Is borrowing a best option?

There are many ways to get what you want without borrowing money. If it is a 'want', you can save and buy later. It is always better to purchase things you wish only after accumulating or saving the required amount.

In case if it is a 'need', there is nothing bad to borrow a personal loan. However, you need to make sure that you will repay it on time. Now, if you have decided to borrow money, then you should ask yourself the third question.

3. Can I afford repayments?

Here comes the crucial part of your decision making about borrowing money. The high interest rates, fees, charges can make your personal loan more expensive, especially, if you borrow more than what you can afford.

So, you need to understand whether you can afford repayments or not. Check with your budget, whether you can keep aside some amount of money for paying EMIs or not. See where can you cut costs and generate surplus for repayments. Now, the last question is based on the challenges you need to face after taking personal loan.

4. Is this the right time to borrow money?

After making sure that you can pay the repayments, think about any changes that might affect your savings or investment plans. Also, keep view of your job security, health issues & other financial obligations. In case you are borrowing to purchase things on debt, check whether you have enough savings for emergencies before you borrow. But if you think that taking loan now can risk your other obligations, then it is better to save now and borrow later.

It is best advised to take personal loans only for emergencies. This is because, compared to other types of loans, personal loans usually have high interest rates and it would be foolish on your part to take this extra financial burden for less important and superfluous things.

Friday, December 13, 2013


Within wood working lingo the process of joining two or more sections together is named "wood joinery". To all those who have never stood on the saw dust coated floor or even sustained the pangs of slinging various types of adhesive between boards, this particular term would seem simple enough. Nevertheless timber joinery may include these kinds of different solutions as tongue and grove joints, dovetail joints, mortise and tenon joints, biscuit joints, dowel joints and some other techniques that timber tradesmen have spent many years continuously working at and in quite a few instances cursing.

Undoubtedly the advantage of a dovetailed drawer inside a dining room showcase or a bed room cabinet are some things that could be continually respected. Nevertheless these forms of wood joinery may only end up being manufactured as a result of procedures of which even if utilizing high-priced jigs and fixtures will demand proficiency as well as perseverance. Throughout todays fast paced community where by high quality home furnishings needs to be produced with concerns regarding the price tag of work plus the lack of ample expert wood workers, any procedure which will result in a robust, high quality joint is much preferred.

Adhesive has long been a product associated with sturdy joints. Bear in mind mortise and tenon, dovetail, biscuit joinery and numerous other solutions, glue happens to be a crucial addition to the toughness for the joints. Glues are pricey and unpleasant to apply which increases the job therefore the cost of completed joints.

Building sturdy wood joints is actually a challenge for a lot of home woodworkers as their goal is an attractive finished item without needing too much proficiency or maybe costly gear. Absolutely the abilities regarding a few part-time woodworkers equals that of professionals. Yet this specific ability takes great levels of time and also working experience to acquire. What exactly is needed is some sort of process for you to join wood without the need of pricey specific tools or even numerous years of practical knowledge designed to nonetheless create high quality, stunning finished work.

In 1986 such a technique was given birth by a toolmaker that was also a part-time woodworker. When presented with a problem in a task in his home, Craig Sommerfeld merged his tool making expertise as well as love of wood work to produce just what would turn out to be an progression within woodworking. The procedure ended up being so simple and easy and produced such robust joints without the presence of necessity of adhesive that whenever wood workers finally realized exactly what the idea was, only after the huge efforts by it's creator, many people quickly added the system to help their own workshops and toolboxes.

The system utilizes a clamping jig the guides the specific drill at fifteen degree angle into adjoining timber components creating a clearance hole within a single item as well as a hole within the subsequent that hold a special screw. All which is actually required is to drive inside the screws and the flawlessly in-line, disguised joint is produced. Although adhesive is not needed it can be used whenever preferred.

Though the years involving development a number of versions and kits of the Kreg pocket hole jig are already created. Some standard kits are made to use for repair work as well as spontaneous project. Much more complete elaborate systems are available for people that perform a lot of woodworking at home and for specialist shops.

To be anticipated anytime a new favorite tool is designed there are certain to often be copycat products that is generated by alternative organizations. Kreg is certainly referred to as greatest pocket hole jig system available. Can be that statement used with owners? Any quick search of buyers reviews on web-sites just like Amazon quickly indicate that Kreg buyers adore their particular systems. It is not uncommon to uncover that seventy if not more clients took the time to return to Amazon online after buying a new Kreg system to give reviews that are positive. The majority of the testamonials are in the 5 star range that is the best critique rating possible.

Amazon has a few other types of the pocket hole screw jig. It is easily visible that while those who own 1 or more of the other products look like they're happy about their selection of product they also acknowledge that in case they were likely to be doing a lot of woodworking involving screw joinery they will spend the required cash to acquire a Kreg system.

One product produced by a manufacturer of which is noted for a large line of low-priced tools has not yet gotten a lot admiration for their screw jig. This simply enforces the fact that if you are intending to buy a screw jig you need to commit a while studying the various versions as well as users thoughts to make certain you can get the tool suitable for your requirements and funds. As with any kind of excellent wood working apparatus it looks in which price tag is important and in many instances investing more leads to an improved tool.

Even together with the finest tools, every single new models is just not guaranteed to please just about all customers. Kreg discovered this within one of their own latest packages. Users of earlier designs complained that while the brand new product did certainly provide valuable advances in some instances it didn't seem to clamp specified sized panels as firmly as the earlier design. Examining the owners testimonials nonetheless it has been easy to find tricks to defeat this concern and as before owners seem hard pressed to find fault with the Kreg pocket hole jigs.

I would really prefer to suggest that you should under no circumstances pay for any kind of item without first conducting a tiny analysis by simply looking at the accessible customer's remarks. This may mean a real difference between years of pleasant work or perhaps several hours of cursing something that couldn't live up to your expectations.

Thursday, December 12, 2013


For loan applicants with poor credit histories, there is an understandable expectation that approval is very hard to get. Their track record already suggests they are a high-risk borrower the sort that lenders like to avoid. But the truth is that it is still possible to get unsecured loans with bad credit.

There is no trick to it, other than meeting the criteria and proving there is an ability to make the required repayments. But there is a certain skill to constructing a loan application that is hard to reject. Getting loan approval with no collateral is possible, even large loans too.

Ticking all the boxes is essential, which is why it is important to recognize what exactly the lenders are looking for. That way, your application will have few holes, and be better positioned to identify the right lender to apply to for an unsecured loan.

Understanding Your Position

So how can an applicant better prepare their application for an unsecured loan with bad credit? The first step is to take a careful look at oneself, and see the financial position for what it is. Knowing your credit score is important, but how it was attained is crucial since it highlights the weaknesses in any application.

The second step is to assess what loan is actually affordable. There is no point in applying for a sum that is simply too much, with repayments that are too high to be able to meet comfortably each month. Applying for a sum that is less than the maximum possible helps in securing approval with no collateral.

Finally, try as much as possible to improve the credit score before submitting your application. Unsecured loan applications are helped through lower interest rates, and an apparent dedication of debt management. Clearing some debts send lenders all the right signals.

The Significance of Collateral

But what is the significance of collateral, especially if it is possible to get an unsecured loan with bad credit anyway? Collateral provides a large amount of leverage, mainly because the lender is given something from which to secure compensation in the event the loan is defaulted upon.

There are some negatives to providing this type of security, not least the fact that the borrower stands to lose something of worth if they default. There is also the fact that an item worth the required sum is not always easy to find a ,000 loan needs something worth ,000, but rarely will an applicant have something of that value lying around.

Securing approval with no collateral is a more cost-effective option, since defaulting causes no loss to the borrower other than their credit reputation. That is why, even when collateral is attainable, some people prefer to seek an unsecured loan, and to accept the higher interest.

The Best Lender to Apply To

The chances of getting the green light from a traditional lender for an unsecured loan with bad credit are pretty slim. Even if they are open to the idea of accepting the perceived risk, the interest rates charged would be very high, making the loan too expensive.

The best lenders to apply to for these loans are online lenders, who make it their business to provide loan packages to bad credit borrowers. And because they are experts in bad credit lending, the likelihood of getting approval with no collateral is very good.

The terms are also good, even though the interest rates high. The term of the loan is much longer to ensure the lowest possible monthly repayment sum. This makes the unsecured loan more affordable, thus lessening the chances of loan default. The amount of interest paid over the lifetime of the loan is very high, but the compromise is worth it.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013


The Bakken Oil field is the largest known reserve of light crude oil in North America. There are both pros and cons of developing this field and extracting the oil there.

Ready? Then let's start. First the Pro, in favor of/in support of:

The number one point in support for bakken oil field production will be that quite a bit of oil is likely to be produced and extracted from this field. Some experts believe the reserves may contain as much as 19 billion barrels of oil, and might produce 2 million barrels per day by 2035..

A second point in favor could well be the significant effect that will have on world oil prices, and consequently the prices consumers pay for a wide array of products. Nearly everything currently produced either uses petroleum for it's production, or is at the very least transported or manufactured with oil..

A 3rd favorable point is The vast number of jobs the oil field is likely to create. During these tough economic times, the areas around the Bakken oil field have one of the lowest rates of unemployment in the country.

The 4th point in support of The injection of money into the national economy. Two million barrels a day at current prices is a gross income of two hundred billion dollars for the companies extracting the oil. would be

Lastly, your fifth reason for support will be ((6))).

And on the other side, for balance, the Con side, against:

The 1st point in contra for bakken oil field production is going to be that it continues our dependence on petroleum in general, as opposed to exploring and seriously developing other sources of energy, such as renewables..

And the second negative point is the controversial fracking technology that is used to extract the oil.

The 3rd point in contra is going to be It will increase oil consumption, and consequently the effects on global warming that are a result of the greenhouse gasses released..

A fourth negative point is going to be developing the Bakken Oil field is that oil production in general can be quite environmentally destructive..

And 5th and last, although not necessarily the least, consideration against is that it will only delay the inevitable point in time when we will be required by circumstances to reduce our consumption of fossile fuels..

Now both sides have been heard from and the Pros and Cons are stacked up, in favor and against.

So, in the final analysis is bakken oil field production the good thing? or just a bad thing?

The reply seems to be "Yes" to both questions! Bakken oil field production is apparently both good AND bad! It's left up to your reader to determine which side, the good or the bad, outweighs the other one...

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Whether many of us like it or not, unexpected emergency situations do come about and sometimes they will totally catch us all off guard when we are are have less money. Automobile maintenance, unexpected medical issues and large utility bills could be reasons we need profit a hurry. While these things happen plus you've got nowhere else to show an instant approval payday loan may be used to remedy the situation at hand which means that your life returns on track.

It is highly handy and quite simple to get an instant approval payday loan. You might want an open bank account inside your name, earn a group amount of money each month as well as prove that you are a minimum of eighteen years of age. This kind of loan is a fast and easy way of getting your hands on several much needed money. No matter if you have poor or even bad credit because your credit history is not an issue while using typical instant authorization payday loan. In fact, lenders tend not to even check your credit profile so there is nothing to think about if your credit score will be less than desirable.

You'll find hundreds of lenders on the web who are all prepared to give you an instant authorization payday loan. You just need to locate a financial institution, fill out a loan software and then submit this. Within just a few minutes you'll be given an answer whether or not you have recently been approved. If endorsement is granted that it usually can be, the money you called for will be wired straight to your bank account, allowing you to can get on immediately.

An instant authorization payday loan is a nice useful resource to use when you need take advantage a hurry. There isn't a worse feeling in the entire world than knowing that you will need a few hundred us dollars when your bank account can be empty and your subsequent paycheck will not occur for another week or so. The strain and anxiety which builds up inside an individual is awful along with the worst possible system is running through the mind. However, there is a remedy and it is the very convenient instant acceptance payday loan.

Tens of thousands of Americans around the country turn to the minute approval payday loan to handle cash emergencies of all varieties. Whether it is a problem with a car or truck, a sick dog, an unexpected illness or even late bills which have to be paid quickly, this type of loan is providing reduction to people every single day.

When you are faced with the money emergency of the type, take a deep breath and also calm down. All you need to perform is to go online, find a lender and make an application for your own instant acceptance payday loan. The chances are great you will indeed be approved and yes it takes just a few quick minutes to submit the application. It really is as elementary as 1-2-3 and the relief you obtain is just as valuable since the money you will have born directly into your bank account!

Monday, December 9, 2013


If you come across articles about esources scam, it is important to note that none of the articles provide anything by way of proof. The detractors make every attempt to pull down the reputation of the site and damage its public image. However, despite their best attempts, they have not been able to dent the reputation of esources one wee bit.

Esources is the largest wholesale directory of verified UK wholesalers, distributors, importers, exporters, dropshippers and manufacturers. They allow their members to browse through their wholesale directory and get in touch with the suppliers and dropshippers of their choice to fill the orders of their customers.

Hundreds of users of esources know by now that the esources scam is nothing but an attempt to tarnish their reputation by those whose nefarious activities have been exposed in the past by esources. It is confirmed beyond doubt that esources is the most trusted resource of verified wholesalers and dropship companies on the web today. They have over 70,000 trade distributors and 3,000 dropshippers on their extensive list, which is growing every month.

Esources scam is a joke because they verify over 3,000 new resources every month and keep the online trading community informed of the many dropship scams and rip offs on the Internet. They are dedicated to protecting the interests of traders and go through a great deal of effort to unearth scams during their earliest stages so their effect is restricted.

Feedbacks from real members of the portal reveal the immense advantages the site provides to the online trading community as compared to any other wholesale directory portal. Middlemen fearing exposure of their acts by esources cry esources scam on every forum just to create doubts in the minds of genuine users of their services.

Esources does not entertain listing requests from wholesalers who refuse to undergo their verification processes. Members are never exposed to dubious suppliers or dropshipper with questionable reputation. That precisely is the reason why the fastest growing portal is attacked by scammers. Esources have even gone to the extent of banning suppliers who do not deliver quality products and services that fail to meet the expectation of their clients. It is eminently clear that the best wholesale directory on the web is heavily in favor of buyers rather than suppliers.

Esources.co.uk scam reports are an attempt to malign the site in the eyes of wholesalers and trade buyers. However, the experience of thousands of satisfied buyers and sellers reveal a diametrically opposite view of the portal. The important role that esources has played in improving their business prospects cannot be denied.

Friday, December 6, 2013


Can't wait to receive the next pay cheque as your last one has run out after you settle all your bills and other expenses? And the cycle always repeats?

Well, the alarm has rung! Time to plan and manage your finance properly before you fall into the debt trap! Are you frowning because your debt has hit another peak this month?

Here are several practical baby steps to help you manage your finance in a more organised manner:

Plan your budget two to three months in advanced and make sure it works around your monthly income. Do not forget to include any new commitments such as any vacations, educations, buying a new house, etc into your plan. Then, adjust your future commitments accordingly. If you are married, communicate your finance management plan with your spouse to gain understanding and cooperation.

Every month, list down everything you will need to pay for until the next pay cheque, e.g. utilities, car instalments, house instalments, petrol, food, groceries, insurance, etc. Estimate how much each of them will cost and deduct them from your monthly income. Ideally, you should get a positive value.

If you get a negative value in Step 2, it means you are living beyond your means. In order to reduce your expenses, you need to first eliminate all unnecessary "habitual purchases" such as snacks, coke from vending machines. Then, work on reducing your expenses on utilities. Simple steps like using energy-saving light bulbs, turning off lights and switches when you are not around, turning off the tap water when you are brushing your teeth can actually save you some bucks if done consistently.

If possible, assign 20 30% of your pay cheques as your savings every month. Make sure these money are non-accessible to you. Keep them in the bank. Use these regular savings to build up an emergency fund. You should also get a good insurance coverage if you don't have one.

What better way to grow your income if you don't invest your money. Start looking for investment opportunity once your emergency fund has grown sufficiently big to last you 5 6 months without any income.

As your priority now is to balance up your income and expenses, certain sacrifices are necessary. Consider travelling by public transport and cutting down on entertainment and if necessary, moving into a smaller house. Shop for raw materials and prepare your own meals instead of dining in restaurants.

Follow Step 1 6 consistently and you are well on the right track to become an efficient manager of your own finance. Give a pat on your back and keep up the good work!

It is tough at the beginning to organise our messed up expenses but once you have kick-started the process and be committed to it, it will be as easy as snapping your finger tips!

With the necessary measures taken, you are one step closer to become step-free!!

Finding out more about credit score and dept get your credits reports here...

Article by Jakob Anderson writer at

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Once upon a time the amount of currency any particular nation could produce was directly tied to its reserves of gold and other precious metals. This restricted any further production of paper money until there was an equal rise in stocks of precious metals. What this did was preserve the inherent value of money, as at any point it could be exchanged for an equal amount of gold. A unit of currency was not simply an arbitrary figure; it represented the quantity of gold that could be bought for that price.

In the intervening years this system has fallen out of favour with modern policy makers. Where governments were once restricted from increasing the money supply at a whim, currency creation is now just a matter of printing more as required. In fact, physical printing of paper currency, or minting of coins, is no longer necessary. With computers serving as the medium for large transactions, increasingly the money supply can involve as little as authorising a few additional keystrokes.

The problem with this strategy is that increasing the money supply doesn't affect real wealth; it simply causes a rise in inflation. The principle behind this is that since there has been no change in the supply of goods and services, the price of everything will go up to reflect the additional currency within the market. On an individual level, this means that the purchasing power of your money will have shrunk. To give a rudimentary example, your which bought five cheeseburgers one year, may only buy three the next, two the year after that and so on.

When taken in a national context, inflation is what deters countries from simply creating more money in order to repay debts. At least, it should act as a deterrent. If the market is suddenly flooded with a certain currency, its value will decrease. This would cause debt repayments to be worth less than the value of the loan before the increase in the money supply. To avoid this, there has been a recent trend back towards a system based on physical assets. If currency holds in itself an inherent value, it becomes more difficult to simply print more, which in turn will help control inflation.

Of course, completely returning to an asset based system would be infeasible at this point; too much has changed in the global financial landscape. However, hedging ones bets, both on an individual and a national level, by acquiring a portion of physical assets is something worth looking at. Gold offers security, but not necessarily the level of growth investors will be looking for. Property and well chosen shares will keep tabs on inflation, through the simple fact that you can't just print more of them, while providing dividends that should hold the value of your investment above inflation levels.


The pressures of meeting a mortgage repayment every month can become increasingly difficult when financial strains are increasing and low credit scores are affecting funding opportunities elsewhere. A solution to such problems is home loan refinancing with bad credit.

While guaranteeing loan approvals is never realistic, this kind of financial solution is usually seen as proactive, and lenders are usually very open to the possibilities. This is chiefly because the borrower is clearly trying to ensure future repayments will be met.

In this sense, home loan refinancing is one of the wisest strategies that can be pursued. However, it is important to know the details first.

Refinancing Explained

There is no great mystery behind home loan refinancing, with bad credit scores playing only a minor role is the deciding approval. A refinancing deal is about replacing the existing mortgage agreement with a more affordable deal. This effectively means that bad credit scores can be ignored.

The concept can sometimes seems confusing, with the basic idea being that a debt is replaced by another debt. While guaranteeing loan approval is impossible, there is little doubt surrounding the usefulness that this kind of financing deal has. However, the deal cannot be of any constructive use if there is an insufficient amount already paid off the principal sum.

It is only through this that home loan refinancing can be effective, with a lower principal to buy out and lower interest rate to apply making monthly repayments less. The term of the new mortgage is usually the same as the original to ensure the maximum benefit.

Advantages of Refinancing a Mortgage

Opting for home loan refinancing with bad credit has a number of advantages. For a start, when the original mortgage is bought out, it is noted as a repaid debt. Once this is done, then the credit score is adjusted, with the result that the score improves and the subsequent refinancing loan is issued at a lower interest rate.

The idea is that the existing mortgage is replaced by a mortgage that has lower interest and a more affordable monthly repayment scheme. For example, a mortgage of 0,000 costing ,300 per month might have been taken out 10 years ago. So, about ,000 of the mortgage has been repaid already. Refinancing means the remaining balance of 0,000 is bought out, using a new loan with lower interest and lower monthly repayments.

While even these improved terms are no way of guaranteeing loan approvals, the proactive nature of the move is hard to ignore. It could mean the ,300 monthly repayment is slashed to 0, depending on the new terms. So, home loan refinancing effectively frees up 0 to spend on other things.

Where to Get a Good Deal

Of course, one of the most important aspects of home loan refinancing with bad credit is to fund the right lender with the best terms. This inevitably means taking to the Internet, with plenty of lenders there who specialize in financial assistance for those with low credit scores.

Online lenders also offer better terms than traditional lenders, with lower interest rates and better repayment schedules. Guaranteeing loan approvals is never realistic, but they are also more open to giving the thumbs up to applicants with very low credit scores, with their loan packages specifically designed to cater to that niche.

Generally speaking, traditional lenders are very expensive, but it may be worth speaking to your current mortgage provider to see if a good home loan refinancing deal can be struck. This can prove a wise move if the relationship between borrower and lender is good - and besides, a current lender already knows the applicant, removing the need for credit checks etc.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


We don't want to put you off owning a swimming pool, and all the health advantages from the exercise gained from swimming, but we do ask you to think carefully before you make the decision.

So, before you buy a swimming pool or take on a property with a pool, we recommend that you ask yourself how much swimming you, and your family will really do. It is also important to be honest about swimming in less than perfect weather conditions, and think carefully how much of the year you will use it. If you only take the occasional dip, you might want to look at neighborhoods with a community pool instead. Now this is not just my view, believe me this is what real-estate agents say when not at work. They have seen how, unless the owner is committed, a pool may become more of a liability than an asset.

There are quite a few chores to be considered by the pool owner. Filters have parts which must be serviced regularly. Forget these duties and for example, the failure to change a dirty filter pad or cartridge can result in costly problems like a capacitor burn-out in the swimming pool pump motor. There are AFM (Advanced Filtration Method) filters which are more robust, but they are quite expensive and not available everywhere and not many filters will not provide the same the same hurricane, dirt storm, thunderstorm and wildfire clean up capabilities.

You will need of course to pay for all water make-up and you will need to pay for chlorination chemicals for maintaining bacteria-free pool water. Ozonation is good and saves on chemical costs but is not cheap to install.

Evaporation water loss not only needs replacing in summer, it also accounts for up to 90% of heat loss from a swimming pool, so a pool cover is also an essential accessory.

Swimming pools cannot be ignored in the winter until they have been attended to each autumn. To properly winterize a swimming pool, the owner should begin by making sure that the pool water is clean of debris. Leaves, bugs, pine needles and other similar items should be vacuumed or removed from the pool by use of the filter, by using an extension pole and net to skim the water, or an automated pool cleaning robot. When the "dust" from the brushing settles, it is vacuumed off the floor of the swimming pool. The pool may need additional clarification if carrying a colloidal content and must also be vacuumed after treating with a flocculant.

Filtration rate demands vary. Normal and heavier used swimming use may require as much as eight or more hours filtration per day. Should water clarity or chemical imbalance indicate inadequate filtration, you will need to immediately operate the filter until acceptable water clarity has again been established.

The best above ground swimming pools on the market today, can provide the best price bargains, but the 52 inch and 54 inch wall heights present a hazard in themselves if not respected by the users.

Pool cleaners as the best news for a pool owner. The variety and functionality of these devices has been advancing rapidly. The best of them are truly time saving and their designs are examples of the best in modern technological invention. The pedigree of these labor saving devices is fairly recent. The first swimming pool vacuum cleaner was invented by Ferdinand Chauvier in South Africa. He was a hydraulics engineer who came to South Africa from the Belgian Congo in 1951. Chauvier quickly realized that there was a huge market for taking the hassle out of cleaning swimming pools, and he went about inventing a machine that would do the job automatically, efficiently powered by the ordinary operation of the pool's filter. The company he formed still produces leading pool cleaning equipment, but a host of others have now also entered the market he started.

The daily cycle of a pool filter pump must be such that an algae population cannot achieve sufficient size to reproduce faster than the filtering system removes it from the water. If the size of the algae population exceeds the rate at which it is removed, the pool must be shocked with a chemical agent that will kill the algae in the pool. The green particles can then be removed by installing a pool filter bag on the return line. These bags can filter particles down to one micron and will allow you to reuse water from backwashing in your pool.

There are some quite big energy demands from a swimming pool. The first is pool filter power consumption. An average pool filter system uses about 800 watts, whereas some are advertised to run on less than half of that beware of underpowered systems which may be presented as more sustainable and efficient yet simply do not circulate rapidly enough. Obviously, if you can get your users to take care and bring less dirt into the pool in the first place, you will gain the biggest savings. With careful (clean) use you won't have to run your filter system for up to half the day, lowering the cost of maintenance, cleaning chemicals and making less noise!

Diving has been replaced with floating, exercising and just plain swimming. Today's pools are more usable by more age groups at both ends.

Monday, December 2, 2013


It should come as no surprise that the majority of Insane Clown Posse fans were men (Juggalos) when the band first appeared on the scene some 20+ years ago. Today, most fans are still of the extra chromosome persuasion, but there is an abundance of Juggalettes not found in the early 90s.

What is it about ICP's music that attracts Juggalettes? After all, most of the lyrical content focuses on themes that historically are more male oriented, such as murder and other generally morbid topics. Is the idea that women aren't also interested in these topics just a stereotype? If the Juggalettes provide any insight, the answer to that question is looking like yes.

Juggalettes are highly respected by their male Juggalo counterparts. They are paraded on display at the Gathering of the Juggalos annual horror rap music festival, and are cheered as they wrestle in kiddy pools of oil at the same event. But none of this is to say that Juggalettes exist only for Juggalo respect and aren't appreciative ICP fans as well.

For instance, the Hatchet man, a symbol of pride in the Juggalo world, is only really available as a man. What is there for Juggalettes who want a symbol representing their sex, a hatchet girl if you will? They're out there too, but it will take some digging to find them and you'll often have to order them custom.

The hatchet girls you can find online right now come in a few varieties. The most common isn't too surprising it just takes the hatchet man logo and gives it a more slender figure and a ponytail. When the hatchet man and hatchet girl symbols are placed right next to each other, you've got quite the Juggalo / Juggalette power couple!

Other hatchet girl designs that Juggalettes might be fond of are that of a hatchet girl sonogram of a fetus (still with the hatchet), and one cartoon image of the hatchet man and hatchet girl kissing. It aptly reads "hatchet love."

So there are some available designs, what kind of hatchet girl featuring ICP gear is out there for Juggalettes? Most ICP gear items featuring this design, not surprisingly, are jewelry items. There are hatchet girl belly rings, hatchet girl dog tags, hatchet girl necklaces, hatchet girl stickers, etc. The list of ICP gear built for Juggalettes is a long one, and rightly so. It should also come as no surprise that many Juggalettes have opted for a more permanent hatchet girl souvenir via an ICP tattoo just as Juggalos have done for the hatchet man.

Most Juggalos know the story of ICP founder Shaggy 2 Dope drawing the hatchet man on a napkin for it to be the Psychopathic Records logo, but there hasn't been one person come forth to claim credit for the hatchet girl drawing. Whoever he or she is, wherever he or she is, is responsible for making a plethora of Psychopathic Records and ICP gear genderless and should be proud!

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If you have had a negligently repaired fourth degree tear, you need to speak to a medical negligence solicitor about the treatment you received, as it may well have fallen below an acceptable standard. If so, you will be entitled to compensation for the damage you have sustained.

What is a fourth degree tear?

During the course of a vaginal birth, it is quite common for the perineum to sustain some form of trauma. The severity of injury will differ from case to case, and will often be determined by factors such as: the size of mother and baby, the length of the second stage of delivery and the use of forceps (or other forms of assisted delivery).

When a perineal tear does occur, medical staff should perform an examination to identify how much damage has been sustained. This will range from a first degree tear, which involves injury to the skin only, to a fourth degree tear, which involves damage to the internal and external sphincter. A fourth degree tear is therefore an extensive injury and must be repaired properly if a woman is to regain normal function.

How is a fourth degree tear repaired?

If a fourth degree tear is diagnosed, a repair should be carried out in a well-lit theatre. Adequate pain relief must be provided, usually in the form of an epidural, and the injury stitched by an experienced obstetrician or colo-rectal surgeon. After the procedure, a woman should be advised upon wound management, while antibiotics, pain relief medication and laxatives should also be prescribed.

Negligently repaired perineal tears.

It is important the entire defect is mended, or a woman will be left to experience on-going complications such as incontinence of faeces and flatus and faecal urgency. Evidently this will be extremely embarrassing for a woman, who may no longer feel able to work, socialise or carry out other day to day tasks. Depending upon the nature of the defect, a secondary sphincter repair and/or additional treatment will be necessary, although a successful outcome is not always possible. Future deliveries will also have to be carried out by way of caesarean section.

What action can you take?

If bowel symptoms do persist after a fourth degree tear, it is important to establish whether the wound has broken down, or whether the repair was performed to a substandard level. In the case of the latter, a woman will have been the victim of medical negligence, as the doctor in question will not have demonstrated the necessary skill and expertise. If this has happened to you, you will be legally entitled to pursue a medical negligence claim for the pain, suffering a loss of finances you have experienced as a direct result of your injury.

To find out whether you are able to make a claim, you need to contact a legal expert who specialises in this area of the law. A medical negligence solicitor will be able to assess the details of your repair before suggesting what action you should take next.

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Read this article if you want to better understand how to calculate interest rate and how to determine the real cost of a loan. There isn't anything too complicated here, but many people don't take the time to do the math. The result is that people end up with unexpected expenses and aren't sufficiently prepared to handle the financial burden.

Whether you have good credit, bad credit, or no credit, taking the time to understand interest rates will pay off.

The Simple Math To Calculate Interest Rates

When principle, rate, and time are known, the simple formula for calculating simple interest is as follows:

Principle x Rate x Time = Interest

Add interest to the principle loan amount, and the resulting figure is the total amount you will have to pay back.

Let's use an example:

Say you borrow ,500 and agree to pay it back over 3 years at 4%.

Plug these numbers into the formula:

Principle: 3,500 x rate: 0.04 x time: 3 = Interest: 420.

The interest on this loan will cost 0, making the total cost ,920. Unfortunately, most loans aren't quite so simple. Stay with us, however, and all will be revealed.

One term that can mystify borrowers is APR or annual percentage rate. If a bank or lender talks about the effective rate of interest, remember that this is the same thing as APR, but is different from the stated rate of interest. This loan involves compound interest. Understanding what these terms mean is essential. Here's how to calculate APR. Let's look at a loan to be paid off in less than a year. Let's say you borrow 00 from a lender to be paid off in 150 days. The stated interest rate is 7%.

Now use the following formula:

Days in the Year (360 is a common figure used by banks) / Days Loan is Outstanding x Stated Interest Rate = APR (effective rate)

Plugging in the numbers looks like this:

360 / 150 x 0.07 = 0.168 (17%)

Your APR, or the rate you will actually pay for this loan is 17%. Once you know the APR, just multiply by the principle to see how much interest you will pay. On the 00 loan above at 17% you pay 4 in interest. Knowing how to calculate interest rates allows you to see clearly what the cost of borrowing will be.

Take a moment to digest the above information before continuing.

Many bank loans are based on compound interest. Always make sure that you are calculating your costs based on the effective rate, not the stated rate.

Don't stop reading, however, because there is an important difference when it comes to credit card interest rates and other short term borrowing like payday loans.

Effective Annual Rate

The concept is the same, but interest is compounded daily or monthly instead of annually. Even though credit card companies talk about APR, their interest rates are more accurately referred to as EAR, or Effective Annual Rate.

Because the math is a little bit complicated, we will only present examples here. Rest assured, the EAR will always be a little bit higher than the stated APR. A credit card with an APR of 12.99% will actually charge an EAR of 13.87% when compounded daily. A high APR will cost more. Anyone with an APR of 29.99% actually pays 34.96%.

Call it unfair, call it a stacked deck, but these are the realities of borrowing with a credit card. On top of all this, credit card companies charge late fees and transaction fees. The best way to avoid lining the pockets of lenders is to pay on time and to borrow at the lowest rates you can find.

Although it is not always possible, credit cards are most effectively used for simple convenience, to be paid in full every month.

Once you have wracked up a debt, however, you will have to play by the lenders rules until you are paid in full. Once again, the best approach is this situation is reign in expenses as much as possible and concentrate on paying the maximum each month. Debt consolidators can help facilitate this process by laying a groundwork that is easy to follow.

For many people, paying off debt is easier when they can see the big picture and chart their progress. The basic job of a debt consolidator is to find a single loan to pay off many smaller loans. Ideally, a lower interest rate is achieved, often by offering collateral like a house.

Fixed Interest vs. Variable Interest

A final note about interest rates: there are two common types called fixed and variable. A fixed rate remains the same for the life of the loan while a variable rate is tied to investments and will go up or down with the markets.

Depending on the state of the market and the direction it is moving in, a variable rate can be cheaper or more expensive. Most people struggling to get out of debt choose a fixed rate in order to simplify a complicated situation.

Despite the relatively simple math, most of us glaze over when it comes time to think about interest rates.

Even though it might not be fun, doing the numbers will be much less unpleasant than writing even one more payment check than you have to. Take the time to learn how to calculate interest rates before you borrow and always pay off your loan as fast as possible.

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Undoubtedly, top quality cars are very important resources for many organizations. Acquiring at your disposal the proper type of vehicle for your business needs helps to ensure the correct stream of your procedures and also sustains productivity and efficiency.

Even so, you may find yourself at a loss in terms of the entire process of picking and acquiring a vehicle - whether used or new - for your company's use. Many business owners are under the impression that the only viable option would be to purchase a vehicle; however, if you want to create a truly informed decision, you must look into van lease packages and compare their benefits with that from actual purchases. There's a big likelihood that you'll end up having the realization that leasing a vehicle is the way to even bigger income, better transportation, as well as general improved productivity.

Buying a vehicle for your enterprise truly places you in danger, taking into consideration all the requirements and financial obligations that go along with it. Van lease options, alternatively, afford you the same vehicle use experience at a substantially lower rate. Besides this, leasing also signifies that you're permitted to obtain full tax reduction on your payments since they number among the deductibles for a business. This ought to be music to the ears of any company owner looking to lower instances of business funds going out.

Leasing has many additional advantages. For instance, investing in a car can be very limiting depending on your budget. With van leasing, you've got a wider array of models and makes to choose from. What is impossible for you to buy could be very much easy for you to lease. At the end of the day, you're offered access to the very best wheels there are on the market. One other nice benefit would be the fact you don't have to worry about the cost of the van diminishing over time; after all, you don't need to sell it in the future to finance the purchase of a later model van. Apart from these, the van lease contract usually states that repairs and also other maintenance services are included in the deal. Whatever the case, around the time the vehicle begins manifesting the natural outcomes of wear and tear, all you have to do is give back its keys.

For businesses planning to acquire the best automobile for their use, van leasing typically presents itself as the most suitable choice. Considering the benefits mentioned above, it's easy to see why.

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Genworth is promoting it's new long term care insurance product, Cornerstone Advantage, as an affordable LTCi solution. In today's market, there is only one way for an insurance company to offer lower priced long term care insurance coverage - and this is to cut their costs! But how is Genworth doing it?

I was recently asked that very same question. Since I haven't been able to get my hands on a policy or even an Outline of Coverage yet, I went to the Genworth website to look at their consumer marketing brochure. The wording is a bit vague, but there are some points that stood out to me.

Please keep in mind that I'm NOT a licensed Long Term Care insurance agent. You'll want to get professional advice before making any LTCi decisions. As the wife of a retired LTCi broker, I suppose I'm as good as any non-LTCi professional would be at deciphering a marketing consumer brochure. So here goes...

After reading the Cornerstone Advantage consumer brochure that is in PDF form on Genworth's website, here are my understandings:

The main difference between Long Term Care insurance (LTCi) policies that have been sold in the recent past and the Cornerstone Advantage is that the Advantage only covers 80% of costs. It's like health insurance. Not only will you have the typical "deductible", or elimination period, as it's called in LTCi policies, but you will also have a copay of 20% of your care costs. You can choose a high daily benefit, but Genworth will still only pay 80% of the daily long term care costs. That means, if your home or nursing home care costs are, say, 00 per month, you will need to come up with 0 per month.

Next difference? The Genworth Cornerstone Advantage doesn't cover rent or room and board costs if you are in an assisted living facility. Now that's a big deal. Room and board can be the most expensive part of assisted living facility's monthly bill, depending upon how much care you need. Clay and I looked into a lovely assisted living facility in Washington state. They wanted 00 per month for room and board - not including any actual care services like assistance with showering, transferring, eating or toileting. Each service was charged for separately and tacked onto the room and board costs.

I'm assuming that the Cornerstone Advantage LTCi product would cover most, if not all, types of needed services, remembering that Genworth will only pay for 80% of these service costs. However, I cannot be sure about which services are covered without seeing the actual policy wording.

It seems to me, that Cornerstone Advantage inches closer to the old days of "nursing home only" policies, although it does cover Home Care. What part of or what kind of home care is covered I don't know, as the Genworth website did not elaborate on the subject.

The last big difference: From what I read, the Cornerstone Advantage does not seem to provide benefits by the year. Instead, it looks as if you choose how much Genworth will pay out in total. The wording on Genworth's consumer brochure says this: "The whole idea behind Cornerstone Advantage is affordability. You choose the daily benefit you want. You also select the total amount of protection you want in dollars - from 0,000 up to million."

Alrighty then... This means that you'd better plan for the absolute worst scenario. Otherwise, you may end up paying all your long term care costs out-of-pocket when you've used up your "total amount" and your coverage ends. This feature may be a nightmare in the making for those who do not calculate future care expenses correctly. And who can know their future care needs?

The plan includes Care Coordinators, but you don't need to use them. Who knows? One might need care coordinators in order to figure out just what services Cornerstone Advantage covers, when or where they will be covered, and what won't be covered at all.

So, in my opinion, Genworth's new product seems to eliminate some pretty important benefits in order to cut their premium price. Is there anything they are giving you to make up for it? Well, yes.

From what I can gather, Return of Premium is built into the product and is automatic in the event of your death. Again, the wording of the consumer brochure was pretty vague. so check this out with your LTCi broker to make sure. Return of Premium is usually provided as an "add-on" rider that increases premiums, but it looks like Genworth's new product provides it as a "freebie". There are many folks who want to get their premium costs back if they don't use any benefits of their policy. Some folks may not be able to afford to pay for a Return of Premium rider as well as the immensely important inflation protection rider, so this is a nice feature of the Cornerstone Advantage.

Cornerstone Advantage also offers a 35% couple's discount if you and your partner apply for or own Genworth's long term care insurance policies. Apparently, this applies even if one of your applications is declined. Ask your LTCi specialist if the term "partner" applies to your living situation. If you don't already have a expert, specialist-broker, you can get your questions answered by your Long Term Care insurance Buyer's Advocate.

The Shared Benefit looks as if it is available as a rider, and is available to couples who buy identical polices.

Although the Genworth website did not specifically state this, I'm assuming that their inflation protection options are available as a rider, too.

Is Genworth's new LTCi product right for you? That will have to be decided by you and your LTCi broker. If I were considering this Cornerstone Advantage as a choice, I'd keep these points in mind.

1) Will I have enough income or savings to cover the one time deductible AND the monthly copays?

2) Since this product does not pay for assisted living rent or room and board, would I be able to pay for those high monthly bills? Or instead, do I have friends and/or relatives who will be willing to help me stay in my own home, with help of Home Care services?

3) Considering long term care costs are currently rising more than 6% per year, am I willing to take the chance that I will be able to figure out my daily benefit and total amount of protection amounts ahead of time (and just hope I don't need more)?

4) Am I young enough to even apply? It appears that Cornerstone Advantage isn't available to purchase for those 75 years of age or older. Seems most LTCi companies are encouraging folks to get LTCi at younger ages these days.

As with any LTCi policy, make sure that you completely understand all "gatekeepers" that may be in any policy you choose. A gatekeeper is any wording that may affect your benefit pay-outs, such as the number of Activities of Daily Living you need to have assistance with before your policy kicks in. There can be many gatekeepers in LTCi policies.

Of course, only your actual policy contains the exact terms and conditions of coverage, so read it carefully.