Saturday, February 8, 2014


A second mortgage refers to getting a loan that is secured by the value of your property minus the mortgage. When a house obtains such a loan then the lender will be able to put under distraint your property. But this sequester comes second after the first execution of the first loan. A second mortgage is almost similar to a home equity loan, the term referring to the same subject and it is a good idea to get these loans when the interest you currently pay drops.

A second mortgage is ideal when you do not know what sum of money you should borrow or you plan to move sooner out of the mortgaged house. Another advantage of the second mortgage is that sometimes it is tax deductible. Of course, not all of these loans are tax free thus you should ask your financial consultant to be sure. You also must be careful to not outrun the value of your house with both mortgages.

There are a lot of utilities offered by the second mortgage, especially because you can use the money for college, to do repairs in your home or to consolidate debt. But no matter your reason why you are making a loan, make sure it is a good purpose because the risk is big and if you do not manage to pay, you can lose your home.

A second mortgage is not eligible for everybody and because the risks are big, particularly if you lend a big sum of money that is very close to the value of your house, then you should reconsider your options and look maybe for private mortgage insurance. When deciding to get a loan you should evaluate the cash you get and what debts you have to pay every month. If the money is not sufficient to cover all of your necessities then maybe you can consider refinancing the first mortgage. Refinancing will ensure lower rates and cash, which is more than you can get in a second mortgage. Besides refinancing after you made the second loan will force you to pay off the second loan.

People make second mortgages mostly because they can guarantee this loan with the same property they made their first loan to. Not until long ago, a second borrowing would have been considered a sign of financial desperation. That is why it was so hard to obtain. Even today, although you do not have to put up as much effort, it is still a big decision to make because normally the interest rate is bigger than your first mortgage interest rate. Experts recommend you should get a second mortgage only when the rate interest for your first mortgage is very low and only in this case.

In order to qualify for a second mortgage sometimes people get them altogether with the first mortgage. But this only happens when you do not have the sufficient cash and thus do not reach the percentage required by the company to give you the loan.

If you are in a very difficult financial position, most experts recommend refinancing. Although it is harder to go get the company to reconsider your rates interest it is still worth the trouble because then you are sure you are going to pay less. Do not forget that you will also have to pay all the necessary taxes and fees and you should avoid sustaining your decision on the interest rate. With a second mortgage you will get a smaller loan and the interest will be lower due to this, but you also risk paying unnecessary exceed money.

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