Friday, April 25, 2014


Why Do You Need A Money Clip?

Are you fed up of carrying your slimline wallet? Are you put off with the bulging shape of your wallets? Are you finding it increasingly tiresome to carry a heavy, bulging wallet with you? If, you said yes to any of the above questions then, you need to look into simpler and easier wallet solutions i.e. rubber band money clips.
What Is A Money Clip?

Money clips are used in place of a wallet to hold money (and credit cards, as well). It is, usually, a piece of folded metal (U shaped) and holds money between its metal hinges. Money clips can be made of different metals (as per your choice) as well as rubber bands (in the shape of an actual band). Money clips are not a new invention, in fact, they predate the wallet. Money clips were used by gentleman in lieu of wallets.
Why Money Clips?

Now, money clips are back in fashion. They are for those of you who prefer carrying some loose cash and do not want to take out the wallets every time you pay for something. However, in the modern times money clips are being seen as a status symbol and that is why people may personalize them by using precious metals, precious stones (embedded) or monograms on them.
Why Rubber Band Money Clips?

As mentioned earlier, rubber band money clips are also available. If, you want a practically sensible and economic wallet solution then, a rubber band money clip is for you i.e. money band, the simplest wallet solution.
Why Money Band?

Money band specializes in custom manufacturing rubber band money clips. These are no ordinary rubber bands; they are made specifically; with the correct width and size; to hold your cash and your credit cards.

The rubber money band comes in a single size; as it is stretchable, it can become whatever size you may want. It can easily hold all your credit cards and your money. In case you do not carry many credit cards and a lot of loose cash, do not worry about them slipping from the money band. The band can contract as well as expand according to your needs.

The money band offer a variety of colors for the band from which you can choose as per your preference. As the surface is flat, these can be custom made according to your demands, such as, to be printed with your name, initials or emblem. You can also personalize it yourself by putting a picture or an emblem (pin) on the front.

Money bands are a lot cheaper than your average wallet and that is why you can buy a new money band any time without having to think about it. You can easily buy it by placing an order on their website, and it will be delivered to you.
Buy It And Live Free

The money band has everything you may need flexibility, simplicity, practicality and style. No more hassle in juggling your many credit cards, debit cards, business cards or any other kind of cards. No more worrying that your dog may chew your wallet because, one, its water proof and, two, it's so cheap you can buy it again. Therefore, buy the money band and live free.

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