Friday, April 4, 2014


Muhammad Ali, Lance Armstrong and Chris Evert, were all champions that dominated their respective sports, but like all those before them they found that for one reason or another, no one stays champion forever. Yes the concept of being on top, even if only for a short while, is a dream for most individuals, who would revel in the celebrity it brings. Honor and fame would be theirs as fans would love and adore them. On top of the world, how great would that be? But being on top also has a negative side, as there are always those who desire to be champions too. The champ would indeed be wise, to know that someday one of them will get their wish. No one stays champion forever. The ex-champion life is often different than the previous one, being out of the limelight, deposed and on the verge of being forgotten. How the ex-champ fares in this latter life, depends on the understanding they had then and the preparation they made.

We Americans are the champions of the modern economic and financial world, being the many players for Team USA. We have collectively been on top for the last five decades, with the prosperity and arrogance to show. We don't say I am the greatest!, but we know that collectively, we really think we are. But would we be wise to prepare for the day, when we will be champions no more? Is it possible that our title could be taken from us or could we give it away, being overconfident, deceptive or very, very nice? Our currency is the world's reserve currency and everyone has and uses it, but, what would happen if that changed? What if we weren't financial champions anymore and had to enter the latter life. How would we fare? How would I, and how would you?

Would the inflation that accompanies a devalued dollar affect our nation, with the sharp rise in prices it brings? Goods and services Americans purchase monthly could double in price, hitting incomes hard, in a very short period of time. What if no one wanted the amount of dollars we have anymore, demanding that we pay additional or in someone else's money? Would this affect our national pride, crippling our incomes? What a change in the American champion life, with budgets busting at the seams! Fixed contractual obligations would still have to be paid, even after paying so much more for the most basic of needs. Suffering and default would ensue. How would our countrymen fare in this latter life, not being with the team on top anymore? What about me and what about you? How would we fare when we too could no longer play the game?

Rome, France and Great Britain were all on top at some time before. Their economies and currencies stalled for one reason or another, and each became champion no more. Could it happen to us? Yes, It happened to them. You see, no one stays champion, forever. History screams that it will happen somehow, someway, and discredits the arrogant response of defiance. Ignorance hasn't fared well either as a strategy to retain the coveted championship title. So we'd better come with something never seen in history before. We could repent as a nation, for our national sins, pleasing the great God who went before us in our fight to the top. But if we won't as a nation, then we better as individuals and prepare using Biblical principles.

Limit unnecessary fixed contractual obligations that lay claim on a future income. It may be diminished in power and prowess. It will be tough enough in the latter life, to lay and keep hold of the essentials. Why make it harder by making promises now, that you will wish you hadn't then? America can't always be on top, it's just against all the odds. Be prepared by being lean, living a simplified life and able to stand in the day of trial. Having imagined the fall and picked out a softer landing place, where you'll reside with wisdom until the calamities pass. Study the Bible and all of its financial instruction. Don't wait until too late, following others. Think about history and championship reigns. Then ask the hard questions and be truthful as you answer. What if ours was no longer the world's reserve currency? What will we do to stay on top? Will our nation repent, for its national sins invoking the help of the creator God? Or will we deny and ignore the warnings of times past? How will America fare when this all goes down? How will these things affect team USA? What about me, and how about you? Think my friend and then ask, Can anyone be champion forever?

Tony Gary

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