Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Bad credit scores are not enough to rule someone out of the chance of buying a new home. In fact, getting home loans with bad credit is possible if the application process is approached in the right way. Realistic loan applications are a particular favorite amongst lenders.

Putting together a loan application that is strong and convincing requires some effort. Getting the basics right is the key to convincing lenders that their investment is safe, and that is what leads to getting approval fast - though exactly how fast the approval process might be depends on the lender.

It is a matter of getting all of the pieces to fall into place. Only then can a bad credit borrower stand any chance of securing the funds necessary to purchase a new home. But, there are a number of points that applicants must consider before applying for a home loan.

Considering the Minimum Criteria

The minimum criteria is the measure by which lenders begin their application assessment. It is only when these are satisfied that the matter of considering loan approval can begin. Getting a home loan with bad credit starts by establishing the fact that the applicant qualifies for the a loan.

Getting approval fast is a luxury afforded only to those who meet the four basic criteria. The first criterion is being over 18, while the second is confirmation that the applicant is a US citizen. The third is that the applicant has a reliable source of income that is sufficient to cover loan repayments.

The fourth and final condition is relates to the provision of a down payment as part of the home loan application. This is important as a large down payment is convincing, while also reducing the size of the required mortgage. So purchasing the property becomes more affordable.

Other Factors to Consider

The realistic attitude is essential if there is any chance to see an application for home loans with bad credit approved. Of course, this is only logical, with loan sums that are not affordable hardly set to be given the green light. What is more, bad credit scores usually mean compromises have to be made.

These compromises are usually in the form of higher interest rates and lower loan limits, with hopes of getting approval fast effectively ruled out when scores are very low. There may also be delays in submitting an application, especially when a down payment has to be accumulated - sums of ,000 take time to save.

How long it takes to get a down payment together depends on income and the value of the home, but a typical period is about two years. This means that planning is a core element of any home loan application, requiring some strategy and preparation.

Considering the Loan Options

Once the necessary criteria is met and aspects like budget and down payment are addressed, there is still the matter of finding the right loan deal from the right lender. A home loan with bad credit cannot be secured on perfect terms, so some compromises have to be expected.

Online lenders tend to offer the most competitive terms to bad credit borrowers. This is because they specialize in that niche market, offering lower interest rates and flexible repayment schedules. What is more, getting approval fast is also more likely from online lenders.

Finding the best deals is made easier thanks to comparison sites, which list the top deals matching set preferences. But make a shortlist of the most suitable 4 or 5 deals and study them. Get in contact with the lenders themselves and ask questions about their home loan deals to find the very best they are willing to offer.

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