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Dracula is a novel written as an assembly of non-conventional collective narrating means such as diaries, narrations, letters, journals and phonographs. It is a horror classic novel involving Count Dracula - a legendary fictional vampire.

A young English lawyer, Jonathan Harker, travels to Eastern European country of Transylvania to the Dracula Castle to do a real-estate transaction Count Dracula, a nobleman. On his way through the countryside, at his stops, the peasants and localites warn him. The warning is against his destination Dracula Castle. They give him different charms including crucifixe against evil. Harker translaters (later) theur utterings into what means vampire. However, Jonathan Harker continues with his journey. He meets the pick-up carriage coming from Dracula as planned. The carriage is attacked by wolves all the way, and the journey is not too pleasant either. Jonathan Harker arrives in the castle, which is almost in ruins. He is welcomed by the elderly Dracula. Dracula appears to be an educated and cordial person. But after a short while - a few days - Harker realizes that he is a prisoner in the castle. And he realizes, most uneasily, that Dracula's diabolical powers and ambitions is all set to send him to ruins. Deviod of the option to run away, he had to continue to stay on. And then, one fine evening, three beautiful woman vampires nearly attack him. Just in time the count opposes them and resists their impending attack on Harker. He mentions that Harker belongs to him. Fearing the loss of his life, Harker desperately climbs down the Dracula Castle's walls and escapes.

In the meantime, at home in England, Harker's fiance, Mina Murray, writes to her friend Lucy Westenra. Lucy tells Mina that three men have proposed her marriage Dr. John Seward, Arthur Holmwood (the future Lord Godalming), and Quincey Morris, a brave American. Lucy accepts Holmwood's proposal, but felt sad that could not accept the proposals of the two other honorable men. In what follows, Mina decides to visit Lucy at Whitby, a seaside town, and actually visits her. During her visit, a Russian ship gets wrecked near the town's shore. All the crew from the ship go missing and the captain is found dead. A large dog jumps down from the ship and runs off deep into the countryside. The only cargo in the ship happens to be the set of fifty earth boxes shipped from the Dracula castle. Within a short period, Lucy suddenly starts to walk in her sleep. One night, Lucy is found by Mina in a cemetery. Mina thinks that she sees a dark shade with deep red eyes glowing, bend over Lucy. As the days pass by, Lucy falls pale, weak and ill. She develops two tiny red marks around her throat from inexplicable sources. Not being able to diagnose Lucy's illness, Dr. John Seward requests Professor Van Helsing, his old Professor, to step into the scenario.

In the meantime, Harker is found in Budapest. He is suffering from brain fever. Mina receives the letter and immediately goes forward to nurse him and take his care. In parallel, Van Helsing arrives in Whitby. He examines Lucy and surprisingly suggests to embrace her room with garlic (which is supposedly a charm against vampires). Lucy reacts positively, showing signs of recovery. But Lucy's mother removes the garlic plants from Lucy's room, since she does not have an idea of the powers of Garlic. This leaves Lucy vulnerable again to attacks from Dracula.

Van Helsing, assisted by John Seward, devotes a number of days trying to have Lucy recovered. They perform four blood transfusions, taking once each from Seward, Holmwood, Morris and Van Helsing. But all their efforts go to vain when one night a wolf breaks into their house and kill Lucy. Her mother dies also of a fatal heart attack from fear. After Lucy's death, children start disappearing mysteriously. Van Helsing realizes that Lucy, now Un-Dead like Dracula, is preying on them. He then leads Holmwood (now Lord Godalming since his father dies in the meanwhile and the title passes on), Seward, and Quincey Morris to her tomb and convinces them that Lucy has been transformed into a Dracula-like vampire and show Lucy prey on a helpless child to prove the same. To send Lucy to the state of real death and release her from vampire-hood, they agree to dive a stake through her heart when she sleeps in her vampire-sleep. Then they cut off her head and stuff her mouth with garlic. Once through with this ordeal of a ritual, they vow to remove Dracula from the Earth.

Jonathan and Mina marry and return to England. Van Helsing contacts them and they all join hands. They accumulate the various diary and journal entries that all of them have made. Thus they attempt to collage a narrative to better figure out Count Dracula's plans so that they can reach him. The men track the earth boxes of Dracula. In the meanwhile, they realize that Renfield, a mental patient of Dr. Seward, has let Dracula into the asylum where they are staying. This has allowed Count Dracula to start preying upon Mina. Mina starts changing into a vampire slowly but steadily. The men press the urgent button and sterilize all but one of the boxes of earth. The one remaining box goes missing. Dracula takes it, forced to escape to Transylvania, his native home. They hunt down the count, using Mina's hypnotic connection with Dracula. Once they cross the sea and reach nearer to Transylvania, they break up into three teams and take three routes, so that Dracula can not escape through any one of them. They cover the land and the water. Mina goes with Van Helsing, who kills the three female vampires. He seals Castle Dracula entrances with crucifixes. Castle Dracula becomes purified. They catch up with Dracula as he comes on verge of reaching his castle. Jonathan and Quincey run knives through his heart. Quincey dies in the fight. Mina becomes a normal lady again.

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